‘The Hell Am I Thinking?

Updated October 23, 2015, on the day I completed?The Ride.


Since high school — nearly four decades ago — I’d wanted to bicycle across the United States. ? Like everyone else I’m not getting any younger and the ride wasn’t going to get any easier.

On August 27, 2015, I left Columbus, Ohio, by car, headed for Los Angeles, California. ?On September 4, 2015, I left Los Angeles by bicycle, headed for Hilton Head, South Carolina. ?On the map at the bottom of this page you can see each city where I stopped for the day.

At 3PM on Friday, October 23, 2015, seven weeks to the day that I departed Los Angeles, I dipped the front tire of my bicycle in the Atlantic Ocean.

I had no “support crew.” ?No “SAG Wagon.” ?It was just me and the bicycle.

My “prep” work for?The Ride?was chronicled in my blog?50 Shades of Ray.??Posts there through the end of June 2015 were cross-posted here. ?50SOR is now closed for further posting.

In The Bag Massage?helped pay the freight. ?Bless them every one.

Not a big Twitter fan. ?But I have to admit Twitter is a?tremendous?tool for keeping in touch with people when all you have to say is, “I’m here.” ?Which is exactly what I used it for. ?Every time I reached some place new, I tweeted out an, “I’m here, y’all.” ?Those that were keeping track of my whereabouts knew where I generally was most of the time.

Oh, before you break out your readin’ specs and curl up on the couch to read this site, let me throw up a warning. ?I’m an ex-sailor and I swear as much as you can imagine one doing so. ?I know?all?the cuss words. ?(They issued us a manual in boot camp.) ?Plus, I love to look at pretty women. ?Through the posted “Ramblings” you’ll see instances of both: ?pretty women and cussing. ?(Not quite as classic a combination as chocolate and peanut butter, I’ll grant you.) ?If you need a?fainting couch when encountering ?scoundrels and scallywags such as yours truly, go read something else.

Each icon has at least one picture from that day’s trip to the city. Click the icon to see the picture(s). Yellow icons I spent more than a single night there. Green stars are mileposts.