Dress Rehearsal (2 of 3)

Where’s Waldo?

2015-06-13 09.28.45Waldo is about 30 miles north of my house off of US 23. ?There’s really only one reason to go to Waldo:

2015-06-13 12.53.59Err, no,?that’s?the reason to do everything else in Life. ?No, the sole reason to go to Waldo:

2015-06-13 09.30.42Not sure how I heard about “the famous bologna sandwich,” but I did make a special trip years ago to try one. ?If it’s the best, I’d not want to try whatever came in second.

Oh, as to where’s Waldo? ?It appears Bob has him under lock and key:

2015-06-13 09.21.43

I wanted an early start for today’s ride. ?I was awake at 5:30 and on the road by a quarter after 6.

2015-06-13 07.21.24

Waldo being 30 miles away, I figured I could putz around a little bit and turn it into a 70-75 mile day. ?Instead, the weather was so nice, I just kept bicycling to Marion, another 10 miles further north. ?All total, I wound up with 82 miles today.

2015-06-13 15.35.07

On another relatively warm day:

2015-06-13 10.45.31

82 miles is further than any day on The Ride, except for two. ?(The last day of the ride will be the longest, clocking in at 86 miles.)

So?far,?except for some soreness in the old bum . . .

No, not?that?bum

I’m feeling ok. ?Tomorrow I’ll be out for at least another 65 mile day. ?That’ll give me over 200 miles in three days. ?I’ll evaluate how I’m feeling on Monday and then adjust riding / training as necessary.

I’ve been paying attention to the food budget. ?Say what you want about McD’s (there’s plenty to say), but the food there is inexpensive, consistent, and?everywhere. ?Water bottles can be refilled (and I did so on one visit today) and there’s free Wi-Fi available. ?This morning was a breakfast of a steak, egg, and cheese burrito combo that, with drink, set me back less then $5:

2015-06-13 08.19.17

As a sexy friend of mine is fond of saying, this meal ruined my appetite . . . as in I didn’t have one after filling myself up with this.

On the way back, I stopped at the very same McD’s and bought one of their chicken / bacon wraps. ?That?was damned tasty.

Two of those steak burrito things, a chicken wrap, and two soft tacos from Taco Bell. ?Total spending: ?about $12.00. ?Granted, I didn’t buy dinner as I would have had to on the road, but I bet I could have fed myself somewhere for $8.

Plus, according to my Map My Ride app, I also burned up over 6000 calories today. ?All of the above came to 1700 calories, a net “loss” of 4300 calories. ?Always good to burn up more calories than what you took in. ?(I think.)

BTW, that app, Map My Ride, while pretty cool in all that it does, will suck the life out of a phone battery. ?Yesterday, after 63 miles without the app running, I still had a charge of over 50%. ?Today, after 82 miles, with the app running the whole time, my battery was down to 8%. ?Not good.

Couple of places that seemed to be oddly directed at me:

2015-06-13 09.45.02

2015-06-13 13.33.13

2015-06-13 09.56.46

Well, yeah, you generally can’t have a pleasant?anything?without an Owens or two thrown in the mix.

As I often wonder when I see places like this:

2015-06-13 07.30.24What the hell did he do in life . . . to be punished by having to cut a yard that damned big?

Gotta give credit that they don’t sugar coat what they call places:

2015-06-13 11.02.37

Take a look at the Dog Pound picture above. ?Behind the top right of the sign is a blue car. ?As I was pedaling past the car, there was something written on the rear window:
2015-06-13 11.05.58Yeah, me too. ?Just not often enough.