Another Night Ride

It rained all day today.


Which pretty much screwed up all my plans to ride 60 to 80 miles today. ?Yes, I know, I may be forced to do that on The Ride. ?But today, I didn’t?have to go out in that mess, so I didn’t. ?

I spent most of the day tinkering with the blog site that will succeed this one in a few days. ?I also tinkered with the new sports camera and the phone app to run it. ?Finally, I dicked around with Twitter a little bit. ?I was pleasantly surprised at a few of its capabilities. ?It’s given me some different ideas about how to do some things while riding.

By 3PM this afternoon the rain still hadn’t let up. ?I went and did one of the things I’m an expert at: ?napping.


Napping was invented by my great-great-great-great-great grandfather, Fred.

About 10:30 this evening, I was itching to ride. ?I suited up, loaded up the panniers, and thought I’d do a quick 20 miles or so. It was a beautiful night. ?I was trying out my new biking shorts and a new riding shirt, too. ?Fireflies and stars were everywhere. ?I wish the camera on the phone could capture lights that relatively dim, but, alas.

I found myself here in Westerville:

2015-06-20 23.09.29

Bet you didn’t know Hoover Dam is actually in Westerville, Ohio, did ya?

You can walk out across the top of the dam and look over into the spillway. ? ?

Note the guardrails to keep you from falling into the water: Back in February 2004 those guardrails were covered in snow and ice. ?I’d walked over here from my house, less than a half mile away. ?

I stood on the second guardrail — again, it covered with ice — and looked some fifty feet down into the frigid water: 2015-06-20 23.08.11 And decided that I wasn’t ready to jump in quite yet. ?

All right, enough of that. ?I obviously didn’t follow through with it. ?

Anyway, this evening I knocked out a little more than what I’d set out to do: 2015-06-21 00.06.34And somewhere on the way I earned my Purple Hearted Bike Badge: 2015-06-21 00.09.34 ?