A little self-promotion

Self-promotion . . . for what end, I have no idea.

Spent nearly an hour with the sign company designing this sign. ?Had to take into consideration the width of the panniers, where and how the sign could be mounted without blocking the seat stem tail light, the coloring, and making the letters reflective.

With all those tail lights, I could escort a funeral. It’ll be slow, but what else would the guest of honor have to do that day?

Then spent another 10 days checking proofs emailed back and forth between each other.

Once I finally had it in hand, it took me all of 20 minutes to “destroy” the thing. ?Punching holes in it to run bungee cords through it. ?The sign broke — well, all right, bent the hell out of it and broke its spine — when I tightened the cords. ?Had to put a third cord on the top to prevent it from creeping up.

I don’t think it’s going to work. ?Asked my seamstress kid to see if she could design something using fabric / canvas.

In punching a hole in the thing, I cut my finger. ?Bled like the proverbial stuck pig. ?Having a Y chromosome means I sometimes don’t stock basic amenities that a Double X Chrome person would. ?Like, for example, band aids. ?But the Y Chrome leads to far more inventive problem solving. ?Electrical tape works just fine when trying to cap a gusher.

2015-07-03 07.01.29

When I flip people off now, it’s going to look hard core.


Future valuable pieces of card board. Limited edition: only 500 were ever printed!