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Dear Jeff,

This has absolutely nothing to do with your core business. Rather, I’m writing to pass along my sincere thanks to a couple of members of your company for an act of kindness they did for me.

On Friday, July 17, I was riding a bicycle along Spring Valley Road. I’d left from Columbus’s north side Friday morning about 8AM. By 7PM I was tackling some hills on Spring Valley outside of Circleville. It had been a long, hot day, already more than 70 miles under my belt, and while not the Rocky Mountains, climbing the hills wasn’t all fun and games.

At the top of the third hill, my 57 year old body said, “Enough,” and I parked the bicycle on the side of the road to catch my breath. I noticed off in the distance a couple of guys, wearing blue shirts, walking towards me. I finally got rolling again, and as I passed them, they looked at me and said something that I didn’t catch right away. I smiled, waved, and pedaled on for a few dozen yards. That’s when it hit me what they said: “We were coming to check on you.” (They must have thought I was a jerk / idiot just riding by them — but it just didn’t register what they’d said as I passed them.)

I turned around, rode back to them, and said, “Did you say you were coming back to check on me?”

I wish I had asked their names. The younger of the two I’d encountered at the Xenia Station as he was cutting the grass. I’m assuming he’s the one who recognized me climbing the hills. The older man told me that they were coming back to check on me. They’d seen me on the side of the road and were concerned. He said, “No one stops around here and it’s out in the middle of nowhere.”

I thanked them both for their incredible gesture. Told them, “That’s the nicest thing someone’s done for me all day long.” And that’s true. Bicyclists get used to a lot of attention from drivers — most of it angry horn honks, close pass-bys, and unfortunately things thrown. Those are not every day occurrences (at least not for me) but for anyone to stop out of genuine concern for a fellow traveler is truly rare.

I just wanted to pass along my appreciation for that simple act of kindness. It speaks highly of your staff and your company.

Warmest regards,


Hi Ray, Thank you for the feedback, I always preach to our employee?s to help people along the path of our worksites and will pass this along to them.

Thank you for your time.

Have a safe trip!

— Jeff Heil