I’ve noticed bicyclists who’re heading on long trips?love?to make lists of what equipment they’re carrying.

I’ve also noticed bicyclists who’re?planning?on going long trips endlessly read those lists. ?For some of us, it’s a judgement thing. ?(“Why on Earth would he be hauling a baby grand piano? ?That’s really?going to slow him down in the mountains.”) ??For some, it’s a way of making sure?we?didn’t miss anything on?our?lists. ?(“Thank God Flintstone mentioned his daughter Pebbles. ?Else I would have slam forgot to bring along my entire granite collection!”)

2015-07-24 09.39.59

Wilma and Dino not included.

For me, it’s both. ?I’m looking to learn from those who came before me. ?Going into the unknown I’m hoping to find out what worked. ?Just as importantly, what?didn’t?work. ?(“So you sent your bicycle home and rode the?baby grand?through the Rockies?”)

Plus, for me, it’s a stark presentation of how much I’ve had to gather. ?If you look in the middle of the picture above you’ll see some coins. ?That’s what’s left of a billion dollars to get ready for this thing.

Just this week I also purchased an insurance policy for the bicycle itself. ?As part of the underwriting process I needed to send pictures to the insurer of the bicycle. ?I sent those, pictures of all the stuff residing in my panniers, and all the stuff attached?to?the bike. ?Knowing insurance companies, should my bike get stolen, they’ll most likely replace the frame — after the deductible! — and I’ll be on the hook for everything else.

More for my record purposes, here’s the pix I sent them, plus a list of everything I’m toting. ?I think a baby grand would be less heavy, tell you the truth.

2015-07-24 09.26.53 2015-07-24 09.29.59 2015-07-24 09.39.52 2015-07-24 09.40.05

The Bicycle Itself
Seven Cycle Expat Frame
Armadillo Hemisphere tires
Surly front fork

Attached to the Bicycle
Trek’s Bontrager Ion 700 R USB Headlight
(2) REI’s Hydro Flask Standard-Mouth Vacuum Bottle – 21 fl. oz
(2) REI’s Innate Craft Growler – 64 fl. oz
Dick’s Sporting Goods: ?Nishiki Bento Bike Bag with Phone Case
Trek’s Bontrager Travel Charger bicycle tire pump
(3) Trek’s Bontrager Flare 3 Tail Light
Altec Lansing – Mini Life Jacket Bluetooth Speaker
Blackburn front and rear racks
DBPOWER? Waterproof Action Camera 12MP 1080P HD with Accessories Kit
Sky Mounti Inclinometer 26.0mm – Black Color
Cat Eye Padrone Cycling Computer CC-PA100W

Safety Vest, Red Flashing LEDs
(3) Pearl Izumi – Ride Men’s Pro In-R-Cool Shorts
(3) Russell Athletic Men’s Dri-Power Long Sleeve Raglan Tee
Camelbak Lobo (not really clothes, but how else to classify it?)
Canari Eclipse II Bike Jacket – Men’s
2 pair Thom McAnn Daniel Brown Sandals
1 pair jeans
1 pair shorts
2 pair underwear
1 non-riding shirt
spare hat

Solove Titan Ultra Slim 20000mAh Dual USB Portable Charger Power Bank External Battery
myCharge Hub 3000 mAh Power Bank
Acer 11.6″ Chromebook Laptop
Samsung GALAXY Mega Android smartphone
Samsung Note 4 Android smart phone
charging cords / connections for electronic devices
power strip
1TB portable USB hard drive
mouse for computer

Leatherman Wingman Multi Tool
Leatherman 934810 Leatherman Wave Nylon Sheath
Lezyne Rap-14 Alloy Multi Tool Bike Mini Tool Hex Chain Breaker Spoke Wrenches
(2) Genuine Innovatons Ultraflate Plus Co2 Inflator
(10) Single Cartridge Co2 Refill 25 G Threaded
zip ties
tire changing tools
spare tubes
chain lube
tire gauge
led light on a head band
pedal wrench
spare plastic bags
small bungee cords

Everything Else
Ortlieb Back-Roller High Visibility Panniers – Pair
Ortlieb Front-Roller High Visibility Panniers – Pair
Kryptonite Kryptoflex 1218 Key Lock 6′ Length 12mm Thick Cable, Black
Gorilla Grip
Joby Grip Tight Mount XL
business cards
laundry detergent
toiletries / grooming
power bars