I’ve been keeping an eye on Laughlin, NV for about a month. I was originally focused on Barstow, with its average temperature of 100 in September. Somehow Laughlin escaped my notice. Turns out that was the hell-on-earth I should have been worried about. ?Seems in the last month I’ve noticed at least a half dozen days where they’ve topped 115 degrees. ?Their?average September temperature is?106.? Just last night at midnight Laughlin time I checked. ?93 degrees. ?At Midnight.

Might as well get a couple of rides in while the temps are in the high 80s and low 90s here, then.

On Saturday I started out with the anticipation of doing about 30 miles. ?I wound up meandering my way to 65 miles. ?Even with a few jogs down paths never taken, I eventually wound up in familiar territory. ?Ah well. ?It’s hard for me to get lost in Ohio, much as I’d like.

About 20 miles from home on Saturday I heard a distinct rubbing sound coming from the front tire. ?I was afraid it was the disc brakes again, but a couple of quick tests ruled that out. ?Long story short, it was the fender rubbing on the front tire.

2015-08-01 19.22.19

I had to unmount all the bags and flip my faithful steed on her back.

2015-08-01 19.21.48

I tickled its belly while I had the chance.

I fretted for a few minutes, even going so far as to consider removing the fender. ?But I kept monkeying with it and found a place to adjust the thing.

2015-08-01 19.22.07

I even had the necessary tools to fix it. ?As I’ve said before, I’m a complete and utter idiot when it comes to fixing?anything. ?That I was able to fix this problem — yes, incredibly minor problem — boosted my confidence a tad.

And then I took this picture of myself:

Oh. ?My. ?Gawd. ?I should just put a sign on the back that says, “CAUTION! ?WIDE LOAD!” ?The only difference between me and Shamu is I’ve got a fancier bicycle than he does. ?I think the guy above?ate?the one below:


No eating for me on?The Ride. ?:: sigh ::

Since I won’t be eating on?The Ride, I better get in my salads now. ?So I’ve been sitting in Wendy’s for the last 40 minutes or so on Sunday evening. ?By the time I’m done riding today, it’ll be another 40+ miles.

2015-08-02 18.56.47

Note the rabbit food. ?(Well, if rabbits ate chickens, I guess.)

Been a damned noisy bunch to the left of me. ?I’m thinking of calling the cops on these noisy bastards:


At least a couple of them must have been responsible for this sign:

I’m assuming slow is being used as an adjective for grandparents here. ?Drivers are being cautioned that granny and pa-paw will take their sweet time running across the road.

One of the things that came in last week (nearly a?year?after I ordered it!) is a Karma Go mi-fi.

2015-08-02 18.56.53

I’m using it for internet access for my Chromebook and the phone. ?I’ve set my pictures to sync with Dropbox. ?I have Dropbox set so that it only syncs when there’s wi-fi. ?I have to admit everything’s running quite speedily. ?According to’m getting nearly a 10MB download speed (not bad!) and a 13.74?upload?speed. ?That’s nearly?three times faster?than Roadrunner’s upload speed at the house. ?Holy shit.

Passed a sign for this church:

I’m showing my age by admitting that when I see the name?Barnabus?this is who I picture:

Yet, if you type?Barnabus Collins into Google,?this?ass hat is who you’ll be presented with:


Insert retching sound.