I’m forgetting something

I’m forgetting something. ?No, I don’t know what it is. ?If I knew what it was, then I wouldn’t be forgetting it, now would I?

dogs on the bed

Yo. Here’s a clue.

Whatever it is, I’ll miss it just as much as I will miss the two little guys above.

I was talking to a friend of mine about The Ride. ?(I’ll have no friends before too long as The Ride is?all?I talk about.) ?In particular I was going over all the preparation and?responsibility shifting?I’ve had to do. ?I think if you’ve reached 57 years old and you?don’t have responsibilities, you’re not playing the game right. ?(Or perhaps you’re playing it?exceptionally well?and you’ve got “people” that’ll handle everything for you while you’re out on your whim.)

Leave at 7AM on Thursday. ?It’s 2200~ miles to LA from Cowtown. ?Figured if we do 700 miles each of the first two days, that’ll put us in great shape to do touristy stuff in ABQ and at the Canyon They Say Is Grand. Four days to Los Angeles.

Once I reach Los Angeles, there’s a side-trip planned to check out some hula skirts . . .

. . . or hula shorts. I’m not picky.

Back to LA at 6AM on Friday September 4.

And so it’ll begin.