Williams, Arizona

What a nice little town.

Williams was the first town out of Flagstaff after we left the Grand Canyon. ?We were tired, hungry, and I was damned bitchy at the dumbass Flagstaff drivers who seemed to all be going 20 miles?under?the speed limit. ?All I wanted to do was get out of Flagstaff.

According to this photo, Williams was the last town along “Historic Route 66” to be by-passed by the evil Interstate 40.


I’ll take ’em at their word.

Speaking of words, I think “train” is the word of the day:

2015-08-30 10.27.13

2015-08-30 10.28.33

The left corner of the tanker had something written on it that caught my eye:


I wondered if he was kin to President Eisenhower. ?Only thing I could find in Googling it was Earl’s obit.

In pedaling around the town I came across this train:

2015-08-30 10.16.09

Complete with porters:

2015-08-30 10.18.00

I might have taken the train to the Grand Canyon yesterday had I known it existed. ?(Then again, I wouldn’t have been able to climb on rocks at the GC had I taken the train.)

Crazy child in the background

Crazy child in the background

2015-08-30 10.13.22

2015-08-30 10.35.34

2015-08-30 10.22.10

2015-08-30 10.23.21

2015-08-30 10.15.11

Good to know Hop Sing landed on his feet after that whole Ponderosa debacle.

Good to know Hop Sing landed on his feet after that whole Ponderosa debacle with Hoss and Little Joe