Day 3: Barstow to Baker

In stark contrast to the never-ending climbs of yesterday’s ride, today’s ride to Baker from Barstow was relatively flat as a board. ?My average speed was well over a mile per hour faster.

But unlike yesterday, it was All Mojave All The Time. ?There just wasn’t much to see. ?I took some gorgeous pictures of the desert. ?I’ll post those in a separate post — along with a number of videos I shot with my Go Pro clone.

Here’s what I saw:

The ride is, sadly, at the end now.


As I went to get a picture of something, the bike reared up and bit me on the leg.

Now, as everyone knows, once a bicycle tastes human blood, they have to be put down. ?So I guess I’ll be taking a taxi to South Carolina.

Yeah, I saw this today . . . but I also see it every time I dig out my toothbrush. ?I’m always looking closely that I putting?toothpaste?on the brush and not this zinc oxide.

The miles have literally beat my ass. ?Good ole ZO — great for diaper rash — does wonders for making my tushier less miserable.


According to the California Department of Transportation, I couldn’t ride on Interstate 15 beyond a certain point — Fort Irwin Road — as there was a completely acceptable side-road for me to be on, Yermo Road.

I think CALTRANS doesn’t know what “acceptable” means for a bicycle. ?This is the surface of Yermo ?Road. ?Lots of nice little jagged rocks designed to eat bicycle tires. ?After about about a mile and half, I finally got to some decent blacktop, but, man?that was a scary road to ride.


Once Yermo Road ended, I could hop back on I-15. ?And I did.


Yermo Road is named for the town it runs through:


According to a plaque to the left of that mural, I-15 pretty much wiped out the town in 1975. ?Similar to what Williams, AZ claims I-40 did to them.


About the only thing in Yermo now is a Marine base:


Oh, and Peggy Sue’s:


I think someone’s playing a joke:


And miles later, they doubled down on the joke:


Although I thought it was cute someone had been out there with a beach chair:


Wound up with another fan club:


Someone should tell this guy that Walt and Jesse already tried this.


Of all of the usual crap one sees on the side of the road / in the breakdown lane — busted bottles, exploded tires, different fasteners — I couldn’t figure out the bundles of wire that I kept coming across. ?Right after I snapped the picture below, I had to dodge a circled loop of wire that had to weigh a couple of pounds at least. ?Most of the wire was like you see here, though:


There was literally not one single place to stop for gas, food, water after leaving Yermo. ?Until I got to a gas station about 13 miles from Baker.

For those of you who ain’t into my girl watching hobby, you can skip this entire section.

In a?ten minute span?I took these pictures:

20150906_153211 g20150906_153348 g20150906_160315 g20150906_161024 g20150906_161352_001 g20150906_161528 s20150906_163142 g20150906_162358 g20150906_162349 g20150906_162333And I must have missed at least that many more. ?This guy . . .


. . . claimed that was the reason he worked here. ?”Dude, the girls who come in here are?amazing,” ?he said. ?Guess there’s something to be said for having the only business for 50 miles.

The town?of Zzyzx is on the road named after it. ?It’s a slightly interesting story. ?Read all about it here.


I’m spending the night in Baker, CA. ?There are only two hotels. ?This is the one I’m?not?staying at. ?The one I?am?staying at is only?slightly?better.


102 degrees. ?No wonder only 500 people live in Baker.


Today’s Stats:

Started: ?9:30AM.

Finished: ?5:30PM

Starting temperature: ?66.

Distance: ?65.04 miles.

Average speed: ?11.3 MPH.

Maximum speed: ?36.0 MPH

Total?riding time: ?5:39:36

Cumulative mileage: ?205.99 miles.