Laughlin, NV

Needles, CA gets all the “glory” for being an inferno. But Needles is the place Laughlinders go to?cool off.


I unwound a little today. ?Tomorrow I’ll be back in the game. ?But today was a day for taking it easy, checking in with work (so much for taking it easy!), and banging out a few things that would have been otherwise tough to do from behind the handlebars.


Tough, but not impossible.

Breakfast was at the hotel restaurant — The Bumbleberry Flats. ?They had a lot of interesting things on the menu. ?I?almost?went for the chicken waffles. ?I’ve heard good things about them, but I wasn’t feeling adventurous. ?I defaulted to the basics.


The table came equipped for “serve your own morning beverage”:


After breakfast I scooted back over to my room and got to work. ?Work as in?work work. ?Ya know, taking care of the company that’s footing the bill for this trip, In The Bag Massage. ?(Blatant Advertising??. ?Buy something. ?If you know someone who lives in Ohio, then you also know they’re stressed. ?They could use a massage.)

At some point I’d walked down to the vending machine to buy a drink. ?I tried swiping my credit card, but that didn’t work. ?So I fished out two dollar bills from my wallet and fed them into the machine.

Finished up work and wanted to take off ?on the bike just to see what riding in 108 degrees would feel like. ?(I wouldn’t recommend it as a long-term hobby.)

I looked for my wallet. ?Could not find it. ?”Ok, ok,” I said to myself, “there’s only a few places it could be. ?Don’t panic, Fat Boy.”

Panicked, I methodically looked in every obvious place in the room. ?Nothing. ?Images filled my head of trying to check into a hotel without credit cards, cash, or an ID. ?(If all I was trying to do was?vote, I wouldn’t be worried about not having an ID.)

I dashed out to the vending machine, thinking that perhaps I’d left the wallet on top of the machine while I dicked around with the cash and credit card.


Dashed back to the room to call the front desk in the vain hope someone had found it on the vending machine (the?only?place I’d been since I left the restaurant.) ?As I came in the front door, I looked at where I had been sitting. ?There was the wallet on the floor. ?It had fallen out of my pocket.


Ten minutes of pure terror. ?Already lost?one?credit card on this ride. ?Don’t need to lose the backups, too.

Recovered from my assumed loss of access to money and my ID, I took off on the bike.

While I was on the road, I got a message on Twitter from the Laughlin Tropicana Hotel. ?I’m guessing they have a “media specialist” who has “Laughlin” marked. ?If anyone types tweets “Laughlin,” this guy is on it.

On my way back to the room, I spotted an adorable little creature.


The dog was pretty cute, too.

Cindy and her mom explained to me that the pup, Cocoa, was 7 weeks old.


They were regular visitors to Laughlin from ABQ. ?Mom was a little perturbed that she’d just missed a $10,000 payout on a penny slot machine by ?. . . well, by something that must have been close.

I told them (of course) about my critters which led to explaining about?The Ride. ?”Two months you’re going to be riding, huh?” Mom said. ?”You’re obviously single.”

Speaking of slot machines. ?There are a couple of ’em in the area:


The machine on the left took my $20 bill . . .


. . . and printed out a piece of paper worth 38 cents:


Isn’t that how Obamacare works?

Gonna shoot for being on the road by 4:30AM. ?That’ll give me a fighting chance of riding in?relatively?cool temperatures ?(Low to mid 80s.)