Day 6: Laughlin to Kingman

This was supposed to have been the shortest day of them all. ?But the mountains had other ideas. ?40ish?flat?miles should be four hours, tops. ?40ish miles through the mountains . . .?nine hours to get here.

God help me tomorrow with a nearly 90 mile ride to Seligman.

Not much to see. ?Rather, there’s a lot of spectacular scenery, but the sheer amount of, “Damn, look at that!” overwhelms after awhile.

Some things I saw:

A final 4:30AM look back at Laughlin from the Arizona side of the Colorado River:


Another view, after nearly 3 hours of climbing:





Welcome to Arizona:


I had passed several caches of water like this on the road. ?I posted it to Twitter wondering who’d be leaving water for who?

The Interwebs came through. ?Kim Hunter got the idea of filling them up and leaving them on the highway. ?In July in a one week span he put out over 450 gallons of water.20150910_075347

Random Fat Guy On A Bicycle Sightings:

IMG_20150910_081830 IMG_20150910_084307 IMG_20150910_084429 IMG_20150910_092808 IMG_20150910_105446

I took a picture in front of a rather spectacular rock.


Then I thought, hmm, perhaps the viewer won’t quite appreciate the?perspective / scale?unless I park my butt a little further away from the camera:


Meth cook convention?


I predict an epic cat-fight when?this?Peggy Sue in Yermo, CA:


Gets wind of?this?Peggy Sue in Golden Valley, AZ.


Going to have to rename?The Ride?to The Ride Where?Shit Keeps Breaking. ?Lost my air pump last night. ?Pretty major thing to go on the fritz. ?I have CO2 cartridges in case I have a flat, but without a pump, I’ve got no way to keep the tires inflated properly in the first place.

When I got to the Motel 6 in Kingman tonight:


I was exhausted. ?I decided a tiny nap was in order. ?Well, that tiny nap turned into a big sleep. ?I woke up at 5:45PM. ?I knew there was a bicycle store here in Kingman that stocked pumps. ?But they closed at 6PM. ?Motel 6 was four miles away.

I called Bicycle Outfitters?and pled my case to them. ?I’m without a pump and am hesitant to go to wal Mart and buy something off the shelf. ?If they could just see their way to staying open until 6:15ish, I’d pedal my heart out to get there.

They agreed. ?I got there at 6:18. ?They helped a brother out. ?Kudos and major thanks to them!


I also had to make a stop of Family Dollar. ?I left my $8 pair of sunglasses (purchased just 4 days ago) on a guard rail post somewhere. ?Bought two?pair of sunglasses in anticipation of my being a dumbass and losing another pair. ?Plus, I ran out of sunscreen with this morning’s shellacking of my legs and feet. ?Speaking of feet:


The sunburn went away by the next morning. ?It’s doing so much better . . . except for dry and cracking skin on the heel. ?I got some lotion at Family Dollar to address that.

Riding back from Family Dollar I realized I was hungry. ?I stopped at Mr. D’s:

20150910_191143As I may have mentioned, I’m a sucker for 50s style diners:

20150910_191534 20150910_191538 20150910_191546

It seemed almost sacrilegious to not order a burger and fries, but this is what I had a hankering for:


It hit the spot. ?The service was . . . indifferent / distracted. ?Then again, bored teenage waitresses aren’t really there for the customers, y’know?

Passed this sign. ?Wasn’t this the guy who founded Pennsylvania? ?Now he’s a ambulance chaser in Arizona?


The main route through Kingman is Route 66. ?But they’ve renamed it Andy Devine Ave.


I’ll be honest with you, the name sounded vaguely?familiar, but I had to Google him.

Andy Devine was an actor “known for his distinctive, whiny voice.”

andy-devineIt was further down the article where it finally clicked where I’d heard the name.


Today’s Stats:

Started: 4:35 AM

Finished: 1:45 PM

Starting temperature: 86

Distance: 41.53 miles.

Average speed: 7.1 MPH.

Maximum speed: 47.4 MPH

Total riding time: 5:47:11

Cumulative mileage: 360.11 miles. Average daily distance: 60.018 miles.