Day 8: Seligman to Williams

Originally Seligman had been a “rest day.” ?But since I’d taken an unscheduled day off in Laughlin, I was technically a day behind. ?I don’t want to get in the habit of thinking I can take a day off whenever I want. ?I really will? run out of money and I really?do?have to go back to work.

But the trip to Seligman from Kingman had wiped me out. ?Flagstaff was over 75 miles away. ?I just couldn’t imagine doing a 75 mile day the day after a nearly 100 mile day. ?I also knew I was facing another nearly 20 miles of uphill climbing.

I compromised. ?I headed for Williams, AZ. ?A delightful little town I’d discovered when I drove out from Columbus a couple weeks before. ?It was about 45 miles from Seligman. ?I was pretty sure my body could take that.

‘Twas also the first time I was going to ride on Interstate 40.


One of the “shortcomings” of riding on Interstates is . . . there’s not a lot to see. ?I don’t know that I would have seen more taking the back roads from Seligman to Williams, but I really didn’t have any noteworthy sightings to put in the blog.


It looked like rain. That’s it. Only noteworthy thing I can think of.

Starting at about the 20 mile point on the 45 mile ride today were the hills. ?A 4% to 6% incline that knocks my speed down to 3.75 to 4.25 MPH. ?It gets a little frustrating knowing that even though you’re only ten miles away from your destination, you’ve still got?at least?two more hours of riding.

I’d checked the availability of hotels in Williams before I’d left Seligman. ?It wasn’t good. ?My usual low-priced go-to motels were all sold out. ?There were?plenty?of $189+ rooms available. ?Uhhh, noooo. ?Don’t think so.

On one hotel-booking site I found a price of . . . $25. ?Just a few dollars more than what I paid for the hotel in Laughlin. ?As I looked closer, it wasn’t a hotel. ?It was a hostel. ?Huh. ?I’ve never stayed at one of them before. ?But if it saves me $160+, let’s give it a try.

20150912_185638It’s got 6 beds, dorm style. ?(I’m on one of those). ?Plus three private rooms. ?(Which I would have taken if there’d been one available.)

The “common areas” are a little cramped — especially with the “old geezer’s” bicycle taking up most of the kitchen.

20150912_220336Every bed is taken for the night. ?I think I’m the only American. ?Mostly kids, though there’s one guy whose age is “indeterminate.”

In the continuing saga of “Shit Keeps Breaking,” this morning I snapped this picture:

20150912_095511I was actually going to sing the praises of those three pieces of equipment. ?From the?right my Samsung Galaxy Tab S. ?What a beautiful device. ?It’s the one I’ve been watching movies on while I ride. ?We watched movies on it when we drove out. ?It’s been doing duty as a music jukebox . . . and just?sipping?power. ?For example, after?13 hours?on the road yesterday, the Tab still had 64% power. ?(Yep, it was only playing music which isn’t so battery intensive, but?still.)

The middle device is my Solove 20,000 mAh battery. ?It’s that rascal right there that allows me to do things like run Glympse and my GPS mapping on my phone. ?It’s got two USB fast-charging stations on it. ?Amazing technology for $40.

The thing on the far left . . . well, damn. ?It’s my Altec Lansing speaker. ?And until this afternoon it did wonderfully.

I went to charge it using the Solove battery, but the charging cable would not connect. ?Long story short: ?somehow the USB charging connection itself . . . I don’t know, fell out? ?Broke off? ?In any case, I attempted to fix it and I couldn’t. ?So it swims with the fishes now. ?Don’t know what I’m going to do about a speaker system. ?Guess I can poke around when I get to Flagstaff tomorrow.

I arrived at the hostel. ?Claimed my bed. ?Headed to the laundromat as I was completely out of clean biking clothes.

As I reached the bottom of the road where the laundromat was, I got that sickening sensation: ?a rear flat tire. ?Again. ?Dammit.

I have to admit, in both flats, I was actually lucky. ?I was?at?my end-location. ?I wasn’t stranded on the side of the road. ?It still sucks, don’t get me wrong, but there were so many other?worse?places I could be broke down.

In this case, I was in the laundromat. ?I got my dirty clothes thrown in the washer, unloaded the bike, flipped it upside down, and started to work on it.

This is what I found in the tire:


Five different wire brads / staples. ?God only knows where I picked them up, but they decided to kill another tube.

Got the tire off, got the tube changed, and used the old tire pump to inflate the tire.

The tube blew up. ?Made a sound so much like a gunshot, the people on the other side of the laundromat came running over to make sure there hadn’t been a drive-by.

Put in tube #2. ?Or I?tried?to. ?But the tube had not been manufactured correctly. ?It had a twist in it. ?It was like a Mobius strip with only “one side.”? Were I to inflate that one, it’d blow up, too. ?After dicking with?that?tube for ten minutes, I went with tube #3.

Instead of trying my hand at pumping it up, this time I used one of my CO2 cartridges. ?It inflated just fine. ?I got the tire remounted and the bike reloaded, just in time to put my laundry in the dryer.

Now I’m down to just two inner tubes. ?Maybe I better find a bike store in Flagstaff instead of looking for a speaker.

Would you trust this guy with your bicycle? He just breaks shit.

Would you trust this guy with your bicycle? He just breaks shit.

Couple of noteworthy things. ?Coming into Williams was my 500th mile since I left Los Angeles last week. ?I’d have eaten a steak dinner if I hadn’t been doing laundry / fixing flat tires.

I’m still really scratching my head over the discrepancy in mileage yesterday. ?How could 89 miles via Google Maps really be 97 miles? ?Made me wonder if my odometer was mis-configured.

So when I got to I-40 I checked the odometer vs the mile markers. ?After 20 miles I found it?was?off. ?By 1/100th of mile. ?Under. ?Instead of 20, it showed 19.99 miles.

To have given me a 9 mile discrepancy, it’d have to be off by 10% or more. ?It ain’t. ?I think Google’s on drugs.