Seligman, AZ

I’d arrived in Seligman long after the sun had gone down. ?I was tired and sore and this restaurant had pissed me off:


I was in no mood to do some sight seeing.

But this morning, after a good night’s sleep, I did some poking around:

20150912_103239 20150912_103255 20150912_103335 20150912_103430 20150912_103435

20150912_103456 20150912_103553 20150912_103659 20150912_103741 20150912_103957

Loved the menu items on the side of the building: ?Malts. ?Burritos. ?Dead Chicken. ?I’m guessing?Live Chicken wasn’t selling well.

20150912_104221 20150912_104235

There were a?lot?of tourists. ?Germans seem to be over-represented. ?Is Route 66 that much of a cultural icon of the United States that there’s a ton of foreigners who can’t wait to see it?

There were also a lot of motorcycles:


I thought it might be Sturgis related, but that ended a month ago.

Felt sorry for this hotel on my way out of town. ?It was so far away from everything, I don’t know how they ever get?any?business. ?The marquee also had an odd message: ?”Norwegian Owned.” ?Didn’t realize Norwegians were known for their hospitality industry.


We need more of these.


Saw this trailer for sale. ?Wondered if I could tow it with the bike. ?Would save on hotel bills, y’know.


Stopped here for lunch.


Got a pretty tasty burrito bowl. ?I hereby recommend Chipotle add?refried beans to their menu selection.

20150912_110836I’d stayed at the Romney Hotel. ?I’m guessing Mitt forgot about the place:

20150912_102804 20150912_102812 20150912_102837 20150912_102853The very sweet Indian couple who were the owners / hosts were friendly and hospitable. ?In the morning when I got up, they were as busy as bees renovating and cleaning. ?My room was clean, though not much to write home about. ?But really, what more do I need? ?A bed and bath and some outlets to charge my gear.