Day 11: Holbrook to Chambers

I think yesterday provided all the entertainment. ?Today was completely boring in comparison. ?And I was some kind of OK with that.

I spent most of the ride today worried when the?next?flat tire is going to occur. ?I think when I get to either Gallup or ABQ I’ll seek out a bike shop and talk to them about some tubeless tires. ?I can’t go the next six weeks worrying every second I’m riding when the bike’s going to fail.

There was nothing to see on this leg of?The Ride. ?My mind wandered . . . as my mind tends to do. ?On Twitter I said this looked like the title of a porn movie:


Not long later, another sign popped up and my mind was still on the same subject:

Right on cue, not five minutes later, this sign was the next one I saw on I-40:


I was seeing shapes in clouds:

I was making some strange associations, too. ?For example, this sign:


Got me thinking about this video:

The wind was strong enough to knock you down today. ?But unlike every ride I seem to have done in Ohio, the wind here was delightfully pushing me along:

When I checked into the hotel, the wind was still blowing a bitch. ?This young lady made the wind a spectator sport ?(wonder where she falls on the Hot / Crazy Matrix?)


Got to thinking about something I’d read recently when viewing one of these oft-placed signs:


Purple Hearts from 1945 are still being awarded

During World War II, nearly 500,000 Purple Heart medals were manufactured in anticipation of the estimated casualties resulting from the planned Allied invasion of Japan. To the present date, total combined American military casualties of the seventy years following the end of World War II?including the Korean and Vietnam Wars?have not exceeded that number. In 2003, there remained 120,000 Purple Heart medals in stock. The existing surplus allowed combat units in Iraq and Afghanistan to keep Purple Hearts on-hand for immediate award to soldiers wounded in the field.

This sign seems to be only in Arizona.


If you’re riding a bicycle?on?any Interstate highway?in the United States and you?don’t?know to keep your bike on the shoulder, then you’re not going to live to see the next exit.

Experienced my first rainstorm today. ?Lasted about 10 minutes and the rain was surprisingly cold. ?Had it gone on much longer, I would have fished out my rain-gear. ?I could tell from the clouds it was going to be a short shower, so I just buttoned up the electronics, put my head down, and rode right through it. ?Was completely dry 30 minutes after the rain.


This Tweet yesterday pissed off Karma something terrible:

So I tried my best not to anger her today. ?I gotta tell you, though, it was another beautiful day to be riding:


Chambers is my last stop in Arizona. ?I’ll be crossing over into New Mexico tomorrow. ?(Well, if I haven’t pissed off Karma again.) ?It’s going to be long slog across NM. ?I’ve got at least six stops scheduled there. ?(Hmm. ?That’s how many stops I had in AZ and will have in TX, too.)