Day 15: Albuquerque to Moriarty

I’d been dreading this day since Day One.

And I really don’t know why. ?It was just earmarked in my head that leaving ABQ was going to be a bitch kitty of the first degree. ?Frankly, it wasn’t as bad as Baker to Nipton?or even the Cajon Pass. ?It was a 13 mile climb of a 5% to 7% grade. ?I’m not sure why I dreaded it so. ?Ah well, it’s over.


It’s all behind me now. ?Like my big ass . . .

It was the shortest distance of the entire?Ride. ?Not even 30 miles. ?That was an accident, though. ?I’d originally planned on staying on the far west side of ABQ. ?That would put the distance to Morarity at about 45 miles. ?(Yes, ABQ is that wide.)

But the tow truck guys carried me nearly all the way to the east side of ABQ. ?The Motel 6 I stayed at last night was at the very extreme edge of the city limits on the east. ?It cut all that mileage off the ride today.

I’m just going to get over that the tow “cheated” my cross-country trip by about 25 miles. ?Hell, we can throw that extra 24 miles I had to ride to get to Seligman and call it even, what say.

For the very first time since I left Los Angeles the wind pounded me for the entire route.

It didn’t let up?all day long. ?Goddamned wind is?brutal. ?It saps my legs and butt far worse than even a 6% grade. ?I’m pretty sure I would have been completely wasted had the trip been 60ish or so miles today.

Even this little guy at the hotel this morning has having none of it.

Scenery was . . . well, rocky. ?I’m not sure how soundly I’d sleep knowing there were boulders bigger than my house just ready to drop into my living room unannounced:



This little fella was?completely pissed?that I hadn’t brought Dexter and Dipshit with me.


My odometer / speedometer wasn’t working this morning. ?I did all the obvious stuff to fix it, but there was no information being sent to the receiving unit.


I’d tweeted out that was probably a good thing. ?It’d keep me from being depressed at how damned slow I was moving.

About 3 miles into the journey today I tried another trick. ?Viola! ?The unit came back to life! ?Which meant I got to be depressed at how slow I was moving, ha!

I happened to be checking the odometer when I glanced up and saw this sign. ?I was about a third of a mile away from the sign when I noticed it.


At the exact instance I noticed the sign, I also caught a fairly strong scent of incense.

Sure enough, a third of a mile later, when I got even with the sign, it was in front of this store:


Now, Fred, if I could pick up the?aroma?of your place?a third of a mile away, how “bad” is it inside your store?

Not far after I’d reached what I thought was the end of the climbing today I’d stopped at a little convenience store to grab something for lunch. ?Several folks came by and talked to me. ?This gent, Dave . . .


. . . rode up on this:


Dave is a high school math teacher who saw me on the side of I-40 yesterday as I was waiting for the tow truck.

We talked on a variety of subjects. ?Dave was scared for the future of the country because none of his high school students can do math without their phone. ?”If I were to ask them what 2 X 9 is, they’d have to whip out their calculator app to answer.” ?Damned kids.

On west bound Interstate 70 as it reaches I-270 around Columbus, the exit there is covered with rumble strips. ?Makes a gawd-awful noise when your tires hit them.

I can remember?years ago?that I thought they should vary the width of those strips. ?For example, this is a sound wave:


It says: ?“Slow your ass DOWN!”

If you were to create rumble strips that matched the width of the sound wave, when the tires hit those strips, the occupants in the car would hear, “Slow your ass DOWN!”

Well, it looks like someone took my idea . . .


These rumble strips along US 66 not far out of ABQ . . .?sing.


I’m giggling like a dumbass because the ground I was standing on was giving way. ?The thought that was going through my head was, “I survived deserts, mountains, lack of water, and tsunami level winds. ?Now some loose dirt is going to do me in.”



Spending the night in Moriarty, NM.


We’ll see if my old bod needs a day off tomorrow. ?Santa Rosa is the next stop . . . about 80 miles from here.