Moriarty, NM

I needed a day off.

Since Laughlin, the last time I took a break, I’ve ridden 564.04 miles. ?Moriarty seemed as good a place as any to re-group.


Wonder how it turns out for Andy and Red? ?The suspense is killing me . . .

I’ve been staying in Motel 6s whenever I can. ?I’ve found they’re pretty much just what I’m looking for in overnight accommodations. ?A bed. ?A shower. ?A laundry. ?An ice machine. ?An air conditioner. ?Oh yeah: ?and?inexpensive.

This?particular?Motel 6 in Moriarty, though . . . well, one strike against ’em for having a dead ice machine. ?They’re dispensing ice from the fridge behind the registration desk.


Not such a big deal today as my water bottles aren’t going anywhere. ?But, strike 2: ?they don’t have a laundry, either.

They told me the Travel America truck stop across the road had a laundry. ?I unloaded all the panniers off the bike, emptied one of the big rear ones, then put in my dirty laundry bag and pedaled over.


Unfortunately, though the travel center had three washers and two dryers, there were, oh, I don’t know, 700 truck drivers all trying to do their laundry, too.

Figured there had to be a laundromat somewhere, right? ?I wasn’t doing anything else, so I trucked off down the road to find it.

I was expecting to be all to myself on a Sunday morning. ?Ha. ?Silly me.


There must not be?anything?else to do on Sunday morning in Moriarty, New Mexico. ?It seemed as if the entire town was there. ?(Umm, hey guys: ?it’s legal to actually own a washing machine and dryer. ?They’ll put it right in your house for ya.)

Dinner this evening was here:


20150920_182542 20150920_182538

From their “Other Faves” menu I picked their Frito Pie.


It was fine. ?But it needed more hamburger meat and less Fritos. ?(Then I guess they’d have to call it Hamburger Pie, wouldn’t they?)

Strike 3 for this Motel 6 was the room came equipped with a free?tarantula. ?

No, I don’t have a picture. ?No, I’m not going to go get one, either. ?Spiders in general scare the shit out of me. ?A?tarantula?would cause a heart attack.

I was lying in bed, working on the laptop, when I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye?on the bed about a foot from my leg. ?I jerked away from whatever the hell it was. ?It was tiny, no more than an inch long. ?I grabbed a ?. . . a something, I don’t know . . . and smacked it.

It wasn’t on the bed any more.

But I couldn’t find the corpse of whatever the hell it was on the floor, either.

Was it a tarantula? ?I don’t know. ?It looked / moved like a spider and it had all those funny hairy looking things all over it. Frankly, I don’t want to know. ?’Cuz I think I slept last night with one eye open. ?:: shudder ::

Been a pleasant day off. ?Back to I-40 and on to Santa Rosa tomorrow.