5,280,000 Feet

Or, 1,760,000 yards. ?Or 63,360,000 inches. ?I’d say your mileage may vary, but it won’t. ?All of that’s 1000 miles.

On my way to Tucumcari, NM today, I rode my 1000th mile. ?I was a little over 20 miles west of Tucumcari; about 40 miles east of Santa Rosa just past mile marker 310.


The town at that exit was Montoya:


How many times have her residents heard this?

Figured it was worthy of saying a few words of thanks.

In the video above I thanked God for my kick-ass legs. ?But I didn’t get to show ’em off in the video, so:


I just knew I was going to slip through that cattle guard and break my damned leg while I was futzing around with the video.

As they say in Hollywood, location services provided by:


A thousand miles. ?Holy shit.

Oh, I’d sent this tweet as I was leaving Santa Rosa’s Fat Guy On A Bicycle Fan Club:

‘Cuz I had it figured that the “big event” was going to be around mile marker 314. ?Well, like Barbie, “math is hard!” ?I had it in my head that I had 38.88 miles to go to reach 1000, when I really only had 34.88.


Just so mile marker 314 didn’t feel jilted . . .