Day 17: Santa Rosa to Tucumcari

In complete contrast to my bitchy mood yesterday, I was in much better spirits. ?I caught up on my sleep, the laptop didn’t die, and it was a nice day to ride.

I was looking forward to hitting the 1000th mile on?The Ride.

Last night I went across the street from the motel to yet another 50’s style Route 66 Diner:

20150921_192658 20150921_192936 20150921_192945 20150921_192951 20150921_193119

The food was fine. ?I got a couple of tacos. ?Not really because of the tacos themselves but more because I wanted the Spanish rice and refried beans!

This is also the?third?of these style diners in a row?I’ve been that the waitress has been a complete and utter flake. At least when it concerns my drink order. ?Isn’t that waitressing 101? ?”Can I bring you something to drink while you’re looking over the menu?” ?I used to be a waiter. ?That?is?how it works.

Waitress took my order, walked back to the kitchen, placed it. ?(I heard her place it.) ?Came back out. ?Went to two other tables?and refilled their drinks. ?Then to a third table and took his order.

Then she went outside.

As she came back in I flagged her down and asked, “Hey, how about that Diet Coke?”

“Oh, well, I was going to do . . . ” and she stopped short. ?Not sure what look was on my face, but she thought better of whatever she was going to do. She re-prioritized her workload and took care of the crazy ?man at the counter.

Later, it wasn’t enough of a clue to her to have my empty glass sitting at the very edge of the counter. ?I had to pick it up and wiggle it in the universal symbol of, “What is wrong with you? ?Did you not get your diploma from Waitress U?”

She refilled the drink. ?I watched her. ?When she sat it in front of me, I told her, “You filled my Diet Coke with Dr. Pepper.”


I’d checked the forecast for both Santa Rosa and Tucumcari last night. ? was predicting arks and animals two-by-two for all of New Mexico.



I never felt a drop. ?I’d have welcomed it as it was a lot warmer than it had been the last couple of days.

Why do New Mexico drivers have to be told things which, for everyone else, is common sense?

There was this sign I spotted not long after I got into NM:


Today I saw this sign, immediately after mile marker 283:


Gee,?ya think? ?If there are drivers that are wondering how far away 284 is from 283 . . . then they shouldn’t be driving.

But perhaps I’m being too harsh. ?Perhaps the state was helpfully pointing out the little shopping mecca at Exit 284:

20150922_085558 20150922_085432

There ya go, Exit 284 businesses. ?Looks like I just paid you more attention by mentioning you here than has been paid to you in 20 years.

Ran across a ghost town today. Cuervo.


Complete with what has to be haunted houses:

20150922_093623 20150922_093741 20150922_093842 20150922_094047 20150922_094246

But the most unusual thing about this town was this warning post:


Not a soul living here, but, by God, they’ve gotta have ’em some fiber optic cable!

Breakfast was a shrink wrapped ham and cheese sandwich here:


20150922_104145 20150922_104216

Yes, the picnic table was right under the birds’ outhouse:20150922_104534

Complete with Post Office:


and a puppy who had to come over and see what I was all about:



Interesting operating instructions for the gas pump:


The proprietor really?didn’t want anyone using his bathrooms. ?The sign tells people there’s a rest stop two miles down the road, dammit!


Hope you weren’t already crossing your legs and hopping up and down, ‘cuz two miles down the road . . .


Continuing with our ghost town theme:

20150922_130310 20150922_130335 20150922_130405

Maybe the Roswell aliens were behind this:


Saw this little fella out in front of the station. Sure hope he wasn’t trying to get a loan to reopen the place:


Have you talked to that Geico lizard? Maybe he’d be sympatico . . .

The little wrapped sandwich was the only thing I’d eaten all day. ?I was dismayed when I got to the Econolodge tonight to discover there wasn’t?any place?to get anything to eat. ?Not unless I wanted to pedal another 4 to 5 miles round trip. ?No thanks.

I called a local Chinese restaurant who were only too happy to deliver. ?Ordered enough for lunch?and?dinner!


Tucumcari is my last stop in New Mexico. ?Tomorrow,?Texas?and the Central Time Zone!