Day 21: Memphis to Vernon

Guess I could do two 90 mile days in a row. ?No, I don’t want to make it a hat trick.

Mama Nature did everything in her power to prevent me from getting that second 90 miler, though. ?Wind. ?Rain. ?Nuisance hills.


That damned storm didn’t move for hours. ?And when it?did?finally decide to get on down the road . . .?it headed?west.??What kind of weather system in the northern hemisphere moves from?east to west? (Hurricanes that hit the Gulf Coast of the US start in the southern?hemisphere.)

There was no getting around it. ?I was going in for my first real rainstorm. ?It rained on me for about a half hour until I stopped for lunch. ?When I came out of the restaurant it started up again for another 90 minutes or so. ?Not a driving, beat hell out of you kind of rain. ?Just a steady pour.

All my rain gear did just fine . . . and I only wore half of it. ?I didn’t put on the rain pants as they’re more for a cold?rain. ?The temperature was in the high 60s to low 70s. ?I just put my head down and trucked on through.

I?think?I’m at the halfway point of The Ride. ?I’m at 1309.36 miles. ?My original chart had the whole ride pegged at 2628.30. ?But I made a couple of modifications, dropping that total by about 90 miles, or 2538.30. ?Which puts me over the halfway point.

Or damned close, at least.

Speaking of lunch, I ordered a grilled ham and cheese. ?This is what I got:


They grilled . . . the ham and cheese. ?They didn’t?grill the bread. ? Gawd.

As I said yesterday, Texas doesn’t build a lot a rest stops. ?But when they do, they go all out.


Nice lady named Linda was running the show there. ?I asked her if she saw rattlesnakes that the signs keep warning about. ?She admitted that the signs were at?every?rest stop in Texas . . . to get the lawyers off their backs. ?(I always assumed that every gas station / grocery story in the country now leaves those “caution – wet floor” signs out for the same reason.)

I did ask Linda about a phenomenon I’ve noticed ever since I crossed into Texas:


Every 20 to 30 feet along I-40 and now along 287 there’s a dead frog. ?Linda said it was a pretty wet Spring and Summer and the little amphibs just went crazy creating little frogsters.

New leader on the lowest priced gas:


Buck eighty eight. ?Not bad.

So, if these rail cars were filled with pigs:


Could you cal it Hamtrak?

I never actually saw the town at the top of the sign:


But I’m guessing this factory (about where Acme the town should have been) was working overtime on Saturday:


. . . on filling orders for their?best?customer of all time: ?A Mr. W. E. Coyote.


This morning at Taco Bell, this guy:


Was downright amazed that I’d left Los Angeles just three weeks ago on a bicycle. ?”Man, you’re Superman!”

“Ya know,” I said, “as a matter of fact I am.”


I take every opportunity to flash my tits. Well, one of ’em at least.

Purty pix:

20150926_072852 20150926_074628 20150926_082511 20150926_092858

I walked out of my hotel room this evening and noticed a full moon:


The last full moon I saw was leaving the Grand Canyon. ?I hadn’t even made it to California yet by car, much less spent time in Hawaii, then bike back across CA, NV, AZ, NM, and a good chunk of TX.

The next full moon is scheduled for October 27. ? According to my route, I’ll be done with?The Ride by the time that full moon appears in the sky. ?Wonder how many more amazing things I’ll see before then?