Wichita Falls, TX

It’s been a productive day off. ?My body needed the rest, my company needed my attention, and my face needed some modifications.





Gotta?be 10 pounds lighter, right?

Here’s a question for you: ?how do you drive someone?insane? ?Make their stuff invisible. ?When they get screaming mad about the stuff not being there — especially screaming mad at themselves — then turn the cloak of invisibility back off.


Know what that is? ?That’s my bicycle pump. ?It just . . . appeared this morning while cleaning out the panniers.

It was NOT in my possession yesterday morning.

I emptied those bags yesterday morning while in Vernon. ?Literally turned the bags upside down and emptied them out. ?That pump was not in those bags yesterday.

I have absolutely no explanation.

Ahhh, the continuing saga of that front rack.

This morning I took off to a local grocery store. ?Knew I was going to be in the room all day, so I might as well get some munchies to tide me over. ?(And a disposable razor or two to de-Yeti my face.)

When I arrived at the store, I noticed one of the bolts holding on the rack to the frame was missing:


Closest bicycle shop to the Super 8 was 7ish miles away. ?I?really?didn’t want to ride 14 or 15 miles on my?day off. ?But I also didn’t want to have to deal with this issue while on the road tomorrow, either. ?So I grudgingly set off to find the store.

I followed Google Maps’ directions faithfully. ?Which led me here:


A completely empty storefront. ?You’ve got to be kidding me. ?

There was no address on?any of the spaces in the little strip mall, so there wasn’t anything I could check to make sure I had the right place.

Pulled them back up on the browser, called the number. ?Turns out they were located right behind the empty space.


$12.50 later I had a new fastener installed, some extra ones in my tool bag, and had the bike generally “tightened up.”

Since?I say and do crazy things, I know a very sexy lady who tells me, “I don’t know that I’d want to live in your head for 24 hours.”

Sometimes, neither do I. ?Because sometimes my brain makes strange leaps in logic. ?For example: ?the first thought I had about this sign was, “Hey, this place lets you customize your burgers!”


Have to change the name. Who wants a SHAM burger, anyway?

This is my sister:


Don’t be a hater. ?She was headed to Hollywood for her Best Actress Oscar.

Every single day?of this ride Tammy’s texted me well wishes, blessings, and hopes for a smooth and safe ride, and to tell me that she loves me. ?Even while she’s recovering from surgery herself.

Thanks, T. Jo. ?Your love and support mean a lot and helps keep me going! ?Love you right back!

Headed to Nocona, TX tomorrow!