Day 23: Wichita Falls to Bowie

Wait . . .?what?

What happened to Nocona?


Yeah, about that. ?I didn’t go there. ?I went to Bowie.

You see, the next “major hurdle” I have to deal with is the Mississippi River. ?There’s only a few places that a bicycle can cross the river. ?The one closest to my path is in Arkansas along US 278, crossing into Greenville, MS.

In my original route, I came out of OK headed for Texarkana, AR. ?To claim LA I’d have to dip down, ride my 20 miles in Louisiana, then go back north into Arkansas just to get across Old Man River.

But cutting further south and going nearly all the way across Louisiana saves me another 60ish miles. ?And?it takes me right through Monroe / Bastrop, LA . . . where my mom’s family is from. ?I’ll get a chance to say a brief “howdy” to some kinfolk.

All of this subject to change, of course.

Short ride today. ?Barely over 50 miles. ?I took fewer pictures today than any other day. ?I took a total of?five?pictures all day long. ?Deleted one of them. ?One of them is the main picture above this post. ?Here are the other 3:

20150929_084334 20150929_091155 20150929_095245

I’m staying at Park’s . . . Hotel? ?Motel? ?I don’t know. ?It’s in Bowie, TX. ?Once again, Google lost its goddamned mind in trying to get me here.

It was hot again today. ?The wind was variable. ?With me for 30ish miles. ?Ag’in me for 15ish. ?Switzerland-like neutrality for 5 miles.

I got 2 hours sleep last night. ?Obviously my body now says, “If you don’t ride, you don’t get to sleep.”

After nap update:

I needed a nap with just 2 hours sleep under my belt. ?After waking, I was famished. ?I’d remembered there was a cafe literally next door to the hotel.


Spelling is an issue for ’em, but if they can cook . . .

They must keep banker’s hours. ?They were closed at 7PM.

No problem. ?I’ll truck on down the street and see what else is out there in Bowie, Texas.


I ordered . . . chicken. ?It was . . . fine.

On the way back to the hotel I noticed this place was still open.


They get credit for staying open late, fixing cars for their customers.

Except . . . there was no in the place. ?I stood outside for at least five minutes. ?At no time did I see anyone in either garage or in the office. ?Not sure what was going on.

Turns out it’s not Park’s?Hotel?or Park’s Motel. ?It’s?Park’s?Inn.


When’s the last time you licked an S&H Green Stamp?