Day 24: Bowie to Denton

I’m going to lose the 3 people who stop by this blog if I don’t wind up posting some interesting stuff soon. ?Only problem is: ?there’s not been anything interesting to post / look at / view. ?Lately it’s been nothing but churning miles and getting from here to there. ?For me as a rider,?boring rides are?a lot better than:








. . . but y’all seem to get a kick out of, “How’s he going to get out of?this?now?” ?Guess I’m going to have to ride off road and wrassle with a bobcat to get y’all something to look at.

Before I left I’d mentioned to a number of folks my fears and concerns about what would derail?The Ride?while I was on the road. ?As evidenced by the pictures above,?equipment failures?can generally be fixed with replacing the equipment. ?I’ve prepared for inclement weather:


I’ve got enough electronic gear with me to summon help to cover anything from bike failure to snake bite.

The concern that topped them all, though, was: ?what if my?body?fails me? ?I was primarily thinking of climbing the Rockies and going through the Mojave. ?What if I physically wasn’t up to the task? ?I would have been deeply ashamed to have to slink home with my tail between my legs had I failed to adequately train to tackle those geographic obstacles.

What I didn’t really think about it were?mundane?body failures. ?What, for example, would I do if I came down with the flu? ?A temperature of 103, chills, diarrhea, let’s say. ?What if I hit a rock, flipped the bike, and broke my arm?

Or . . . how about a toothache?

Last night made it two nights in a row I got no sleep.? I didn’t sleep last night because of an excruciating pain on the right side of my mouth. ?I don’t know if it’s a tooth or my gums or whatever else is inside there, but the pain was so bad I literally could hold no other thought in my head than, “MAKE THIS STOP!”

I finally succumbed to sheer exhaustion about 5AM. ?Was back up at 7:30, though.

My mouth has let me know that it’s not done with whatever the hell it’s doing . . . but it also hasn’t been as painful as it was last night, either. ?We’ll see.

This morning I went to McD’s. ?More out of a simple, “I need to eat something,” but my heart wasn’t really into it.

I noticed this sign:

20150930_100818?Which?had?to be aimed at this lady:


who you just?know?was surfing porn.

Also, while there, I overheard a conversation from a worker bee guy to the shift manager:


He was asking if he could leave for the day since the morning rush was over. ?She asked him, “What was your name again?”

Why that stuck in my head was because?he was wearing a name tag.

Finally, since this is no longer The United States of America, but, rather, Los Estados Unidos,?there was a sign completely in Spanish posted in the window. ?I have two translation apps on my phone. ?Figured, what the hell. ?I asked the apps, “What does, ‘Tus ogros dejan huellas,’ translate to in English?” ?Both?apps said: ?”Your ogres leave traces.”

What? ?Is there another Shrek movie coming out and McD’s is getting on the bandwagon early?

As I said at the intro, today was simply getting from here to there. ?Here’s what I saw:

I posted to Twitter that if one of those cowboy hats came with a chin strap, I’d buy it. ?Without a chin strap, the first time a semi passed me, the hat’d be gone. ?I’d spend all damned day chasing my hat.


Decatur TX was about the half way point between Bowie and Denton. ?Riding there was a lot of nuisance hills which just kill ya after awhile. ?They’re not high enough / steep enough to make you have a heart attack, they’re just nuisances to making time. ?There?were?about a half dozen 4% to 6% grade hills heading into Decatur. ?Lengths were between 1/4 and 3/4 mile. ?I wasn’t expecting that. ?I thought my days of 6% grade hills were over when I left Albuquerque.

This was pretty much my landscape most of the day. ?Lots and lots of “rolling hills.”


Can we stop folks from turning up the thermostat, please? ?Geeez.


Saw this:


and dutifully waited around for Audra Barkley?to come out and say, “Howdy!”


This is my 7th night in Texas, breaking the six night record spent in both Arizona and New Mexico. ?I figure I’ve got at least three more days before I get to either Arkansas or Louisiana. ?So far I’ve ridden over 459 miles in Texas. ?Damn, but it’s a big ass state . . .

Truly no idea where I’m headed tomorrow.