Day 25: Denton to Greenville

Sorry, y’all. ?I didn’t wrassle a single bobcat for your enjoyment. ?There was a?Texas Wildcat?I’d have wrassled for?my enjoyment. ?We’ll get to her later . . .

Last night I finally got some sleep. ?My tooth / mouth decided it had tortured me enough the previous evening and left me alone. ?(Hoping for 2 nights in a row, now.) ?I woke up feeling better than I had in three days. ?While I wasn’t jumping for joy in tackling a 70 mile ride today, I wasn’t dreading it, either.

I took off from Denton before 9 this morning, headed back to US 380. ?380 is a fine road . . . when it’s not within a particular city’s limits. ?For some reason, the breakdown lane disappears completely and I’m left riding in the gutters.

And for the first 30 to 35 miles, I had?lots?of traffic and construction to keep me company.

Dallas is around 50 miles from the cities of Denton and McKinney. ?In between Dallas and those towns are two huge lakes: ?Lake Lavon and Lake Ray Hubbard. ?Those lakes’ sole purpose seem to be to drive property prices through the stratosphere. ?I didn’t see any new house construction along 380 for house?less?than “the high 300’s.” ?Many were touting houses in the 1.2 to 2+ million range.

There was nothing?but?construction along 380. ?For example, the little village of Cross Roads had a couple of brand new strip malls, one of them anchored with Wally World.


But the sign I had passed a mile before showed the population of Cross Roads at . . . 900. ?Since when does Walmart build a store for 900 people?

The next 30+ miles was nothing but construction alley. ?I’m guessing rich Dallas folks are escaping 50 miles north to the suburbs. ? Cross Roads is going to have to update their population sign.

Things I saw:


So, Texas has devoted?an entire university?to studying women over 114 years . . . and they can’t figure them out, either.

Somewhere not long after that school the odometer rolled over to 1500 miles since Los Angeles!


Funny contrast between the 1000 mile point?in New Mexico (in empty Montoya, NM) and the 1500 mile point in super-crowded God-Only-Knows-What-Rich-Suburb Texas. ?Hell, I’m standing outside a 7/11 holding that sign.

Which got me a compliment, by the way. ?I got a “Nice legs,” from this Texas Miss. ?Right back at ya, honey. ?Yowzah.


I had a storm chasing me most of the morning:


It spit on me long enough that I put on my rain jacket. ?It continued spitting for about 10 miles, but then it petered out. ?I’m ok with that.

My buddy the sign editor who was responsible for this:


Looks like he’s hard at work here, too:


Or maybe they just let ’em drive on Thursdays . . . while the gas station is cashing their paychecks:


In Princeton, TX, I saw this sign and wondered, via Twitter, what the story was behind it:


Found this on Youtube:

Gotta admit: ?I had no idea we actually brought POWs back to the continental United States.

When I first got to this little town:


I tweeted:

But then I got to thinking about this site?and wondered if they were headquartered in Farmersville:


Right before the Farmersville city limit sign was this sign:20151001_141204A?creek?



Holy cow, Texas. ?If that is an example of your?creeks what do your?lakes?look like?

Another view of that “creek”:


And then, just to go to the extreme other side, this was the very next “body of water” I encountered:



Texas, is there no middle ground?

Just hanging out at Brushy Creek:


This place tickled my sense of symmetry. ?One one side you had this:


Right next door to it you had this:




I’m in room 132 at the Motel 6 in Greenville. ?I’m guessing there’s an A. Hitchcock in 133.

20151001_192038[1] 20151001_192053[1]