Day 26: Greenville to Mt. Pleasant

Next to last day in Texas. ?While I’ve enjoyed my stay in the Lone Star State, I’m very ready to move on. ?Tomorrow night, if all goes well, I’m headed to Jefferson, TX. ?Then, on Sunday, I’ll cross over into Louisiana.

Four weeks ago this morning I left Los Angeles.


It’s curious that it seems so much longer ago . . . but it also seems like it was just yesterday, too.

Wasn’t much to it, today. ?Churn and burn. ?Getting from here to there. ?Nothing really exciting or interesting to see.

I-30 was right outside my front door. ?I figured, what the hell, let’s take one more Interstate for a ride before I get out of Texas. ?I can’t ride on any interstate in any state I’ve got left to cross. ?You know, I’m going to have to work to change that. ?The interstates are?fine roads?for riding. ?I’m ok with throwing bicyclists off of them around metropolitan areas, but for those loooooooong stretches inbetween cities, let ’em ride!

In any case, when I left 30 this evening to pull into Mt. Pleasant, it’ll probably be the last time I ride on an interstate for a loooong time.


It was just a distribution center, but it was nice to see Bob Evans in TX!


If you have an infinite?number of something . . . and you double it, don’t you still have an infinite number?


Stopped at Whataburger for what will probably be the last time. ?Got overrun by Geezers Gone Wild! ?I figured I’d be sitting at their table this time next year, so I didn’t mind them dancing on the tables and swigging ‘shine.


Got a kick out of the juxtaposition of these two churches. ?I didn’t know the building in the background was a church when I first saw what was written on their roof.


It was only when I got around a little further that it made sense:


She didn’t comment on my nice legs, but she did acknowledge that I was having one hell of a workout.


The?Billboard House. ?If I were them, I’d have a permanent Top 40 Catering Hits on the front door!


One more day, TX. ?One more day!