Day 28: Hughes Springs to Shreveport

Take a look at the picture that heads this post. ?Here it is again for you to click on if you want. ?Once you’ve clicked on it, you can click on it again and blow that sucker up for all the detail.


That’s Peter’s Chapel Road in Karnack Texas. ?That’s the road Google Maps said I should take. ?Since “Farm To Market” Road 134 — the road I’d been on — had a road closed sign, I had little choice.

No, the road didn’t start off that way. ?In fact, for the first few miles it was a a rather pleasant paved road.


All of a sudden, things started to change:

And it got worse:

20151004_112746 20151004_112755

When I reached this point, Maps was telling me to head down this?sand (not even dirt. ?Sand!) road. ?The road was going to last for 1.5 miles.


Not being able to see around the bend, I hesitantly trucked down the road. “Surely this sand can’t last long!”

Stupid thought to have.

It was nearly?six miles?of unpaved sand, dirt, and sharp-ass rocks. ?I was a little upset with Google Maps:

For about 2.5 of those miles, I had to?walk the bicycle. ?There was no way on earth to ride in that sand. ?Hell, it was hard enough to walk in it. ?Frankly, I wouldn’t have wanted to?drive through it.

No, there was no backing up and going back the way I came. ?The route I needed to take had a “road closed” sign. ?I’d have had to backtrack nearly a dozen miles to the last turn around. ?I was already facing 70+ miles of this:

There wasn’t any way I was going to ride those hills?again,?going the exact opposite way I needed to go.

Eventually I made my way back to pavement. ?Asphalt never looked so good, I gotta tell you.

And the bike did?splendidly. ?It’s designed to be ridden on, y’know,?roads. ?Not dirt trails. ?I was afraid I was destroying the tires (with the sharp rocks) and the disc brakes / gears with the sand. ?But the bike came out of it in fine operating shape, albeit a bit dusty.

As I pulled up to the hotel, my odometer mentioned, “Hey Fat Boy, you’ve got your 20 miles in Louisiana. ?The state’s yours.”

Welcome to Shreveport!


By the way, I left Los Angeles on?September 4. ?I arrived in Louisiana on?October 4. ?From L.A. to LA in one month. ?Woo hoo!


Had a German Shepherd chase me for what seemed like five miles.


He was pissed I was invading his space, I guess. ?As soon as I stopped to take his picture, he got a shame-faced look about him. ?”Oh, sorry, dude. ?Just doing my job.”

Had some deer earlier in the day get all excited about keeping up with me:

When they high-tailed it (pun intended) out of there, one of ’em didn’t get the memo to vamoose:


When I was mapping out the route today, I came across the town at the top of this sign:


Latex? ?Really? ?Why’d they name a town after a plastic glove?


LA (Louisiana). ?TEX (That big ass state that took me forever to ride across.)

At some point on FM 1999 (party like it’s 1999!) . . .


(. . . by the way, FM stands for Farm to Market) . . . I saw this sign on a rather forbidding fence.


When I started writing this post, I looked it up. ?Couldn’t find a thing. ?The place that houses this has its main gate on FM 9 in Kamack, TX. ? (A 2007 picture from Google Street View):


I’m just curious what kind of dangerous animals are locked away in there.

The first town of any size in Louisiana was Blanchard:


I spied a Pizza Hut and remembered I hadn’t eaten since that morning. ?Give me carbs!


It wasn’t a Pizza Hut?restaurant. ?It was one of the “to go” stations. ?I warned them I had no place “to go” to, so I was going to sit right in their lobby and eat.


Was taking a break sitting on a bridge. ?I noticed the numbering on the side of the guard rail:


Why on earth would you need that many numbers? ?With that “P” prefix, you have?260 trillion?possible number combinations. ?I’m betting there aren’t 260 trillion guard rails on Earth.

When I arrived at the hotel, there was a celebration going on. ?I availed myself of it:

20151004_170919 20151004_171128 20151004_171311 20151004_173613

And drank a couple of “Beer Me” donations. ?Check ’em out here. ?Thank you for the brewskis, y’all!

Wanna lay odds he’s on the Democrat voter rolls?