Day 32: Hamburg to Greenville

Today was all psychological. ?I was?crossing the Mississippi River. ?


Half my mind is throwing out a, “Well, it’s down hill from here, Fat Boy! ?The hard part’s over!”

The rational part of my brain keeps informing all body parts (in a very whiny petulant voice), “Uhh, no, actually, it’s not down hill. ?Not by any stretch of the imagination. ?We’ve still got a lot of work and nearly 700 miles to go!”

That rational part of my brain is kind of like the guy at the office Christmas Party who comes up to you asking why you haven’t submitted your expense voucher for this week’s payroll. ?”We have no time for frivolity! ?There’s?work?to be done!”


So the rest of the body parts tied up the rational brain and stuck him in the closet. ?We’ll let him out tomorrow. ? Tonight, we celebrate (1)?crossing the Mississippi River; (2)?claiming Arkansas;?and (3)?being 2/3rds of the way done with?The Ride.

To celebrate I checked into the diviest of dive hotels in Greenville, MS:

20151008_142348 20151008_142308

Complete with bullet proof glass in the lobby, cash only accepted for the room, please, “That’ll be $35 and your ID,” and a washing machine and dryer — the Customer Laundry! — ?that are literally outside.

You know what? ?I have stayed in worse places. ?Remind me some time to tell you about my honeymoon hotel room in Detroit which had a body chalk outline still on the floor.


Really, the highlight of my day was crossing the river:

20151008_123408 20151008_124747 20151008_123848 20151008_123537 IMG_20151008_121740 20151008_123117 20151008_123155 20151008_122943 20151008_122939 20151008_122936 20151008_122933 20151008_122659

This was a particular nasty connector on the bridge. ?There were a couple of these. ?Damn thing would have taken my tires, twisted them around, and thrown me over the bridge into the river.


I think part of the psychological “lift” from crossing Old Man River is because I grew up with the river. ?Home for me is Millington, TN, a suburb of Memphis. ?The Mississippi River represents?home . . . and a?lot?of good memories.

Other Things I Saw

Good old “Mile A Minute.” ?Or Kudzu, if you will. ?We Southerners call it “Mile A Minute” ‘cuz that’s about how fast it grows.


I’m betting this outhouse wasn’t?entirely?decorative. ?I’m betting that during some family reunions, Uncle Bob didn’t care to wait for the inside terlet to get unoccupied.


Pretty place called Lake Village in Arkansas:

20151008_113140 20151008_113145

Did you know that Arkansas produces?48%?of the US rice production? ?I wondered if this crop was rice?


Parked next to the hotel:

20151008_141606 20151008_141537

Just like Arkansas yesterday, while I crossed over into Mississippi:


I haven’t ridden 20 miles in the state yet. ?I can’t claim it. ?But I’ll get to it.

I could?sure?use a day off from pedaling tomorrow. ?Last time I took a day was four states and a yanked tooth ago in Wichita Falls, TX. ?Yet tomorrow’s route should be a repeat of today’s: ?55ish miles on flat land. ?Feels almost criminal to take a day off. ? We’ll see how my body feels in the morning.