Day 33: Greenville to Greenwood

Jeeez, Mississippi. ?You’re as bad as Ohio. ?You can’t come up with city names a little more distinctive? ?How the hell am I going to keep Greenville and Greenwood straight?

About three years ago I took off to Chicago. ?There was one day that I rode about 80 miles. ?The difference in altitude of the origination and destination points was?two feet. ?I thought that had to be the all time champ of “flat roads.”

But today I rode a worthy contender. ?The distance was a tad over 50 miles, but there was no change in altitude at all. ?It had to be the flattest surface I’ve ever ridden. ?Not one overpass. ?Not any rolling hills. ?Nothing but road.

Even the wind played nice today. ?Just a gentle breeze here and there. ?Good day to be on the bike. ?In fact,?great day?because the day ended like this:

20151009_182035 20151009_182023 20151009_182029

As I’m writing this the rain is coming down hard and heavy. ?I’ve not had to ride through anything like that on this trip. ?I’d prefer to keep it that way.

Things I Saw

This sign in Leland, MS:


was followed up by:


Huh. ?I didn’t have any idea, but, then, I’m not a student of Jim Henson, so what do I know?



Him and Elvis. ?Who else hails from Mississippi?

I passed this place:


And saw some workers out for a stroll at lunch time:


Except it was 90+ degrees outside. ?And all of those workers were dressed like this:


Coats and hoodies? ?These people work in the freezer area and need to walk a mile to thaw?

I think I found Walt’s $70,000,000:


Google Maps tried to screw me again. ?It directed me to a service road (good move — got me off of busy / under-construction US 82). ?But then, it decided to send me down a “county road” which looked suspiciously like a road in Texas:

20151009_124154No, Google. ?You’re not getting me again.

Oh, we Southerners have some unique?first names:




My diet the last couple of nights has been, ummm, not exactly grains and roughage and leafy things. ?Have no fear, my faithful can of Spam is still by my side:


Though we did send one of his twin brothers into the breech last night to give his all.

Yet,?within sight of my hotel?for this evening, came a vision straight from the Heavens themselves:


(Insert sounds of angels singing hallelujah right about now.)

Yassuh, gimme some of dat, please suh!


Greenwood Mississippi is going to be my home for a couple of days. ?My sister texted me this morning and said, “Hey, Fat Boy, you’re only a couple of hours away. ?Why don’t I drive down and take you to dinner?” ?I thought that sounded like a delightful idea. ?Figured I’ll take the day off tomorrow. ?She and I can hang out and cuss the traffic on US 82 together.


As sisters are inclined to do, they take embarrassing pictures of brothers: