Greenwood, MS

It was a blast to get to see my sister. ?The drive for her was a nearly 300 mile round trip from Memphis to Greenwood. ?Plus, she had just had surgery on her feet. ?Not sure the doctor would have okayed her trucking down to see her daft older brother, but I’m glad she did! ?Thanks, Tammy, I love you!


Wasn’t much to do in Greenwood. ?I took care of some work-work related stuff and took a nice long nap.

Woke up from the nap needing?this:


That required a six mile round trip bicycle ride to obtain. ?Let’s hope my body is just suffering from a mild form of exhaustion. ?And those achy bones, feverish head, chills aren’t the harbinger of something else.

This morning was breakfast at my favorite fast-breaking place:


Turns out it’s one of Tammy’s favorite places to eat, too. ?She likes?the show. ?That is, the waitresses hollering their orders at the cook who assembles it all. ?It is a pretty good show, I’ll grant you that.

My best friend Arnold Brown and I?took off to Pensacola for a week after we graduated from high school. ?Just a, “Hey, we’re grown and we’re out of school so we can do whatever we want!” kind of trip.

On the way back, we stopped in Mobile, AL at a Waffle House. ?Arnold and I were both working at Shoney’s back in Millington, TN. ?We admired the skill the short order cooks had in preparing all the food.

We were blown away by the short order at that Mobile Waffle House. ?While I can personally crack two eggs simultaneously (one in each hand) — a trick I learned working at Shoney’s — this guy at Waffle House could do?four eggs?at the same time. ?Two?in each hand.

Today, the short orders at Waffle House kind of “cheat.” ?A waitress hollers her order and he puts little pieces of things (a chunk of ham, a piece of cheese) on a plate to prompt him / her what to cook. ?But not back in 1976 at that Mobile Waffle House. ?There it was all memory and listening to what the waitresses said.

There must have been at least six waitresses. ?The place was packed. ?They were hollering out orders to him (he was the only cook) and?he never missed a thing. ?Absolutely amazing.

I guess I like to watch anyone who’s good at their job — no matter what that job may be.

By the way, have you ever heard of the Waffle House Index? ?FEMA uses a “RED / YELLOW / GREEN” Waffle House index to know how bad a town is after a disaster. ?You can read about it at this link (or the one earlier in this paragraph.)

It’s not often gas stations on opposite corners will have an 11 cent different in their gas prices:


Not sure how the Shell station is selling?any?gas. ?I’d cross the street to save $0.11 on a gallon of gas.

He just doesn’t seem happy about having to run for office, does he? ?Then again, it’s a four year term. ?He’s been at it since 1972. ?This’d be his, what, 11th or 12th time to run? ?I guess you’d get a little tired of having to ask people to re-hire you every four years.


Sun down over the Yazoo River:


20151010_182436 20151010_182616 20151010_182745

The Yazoo River reminds me that Yazoo City ain’t far from here:


Home of Jerry Clower:

Ok, hopefully I’m done with Greenwood, MS. ?That is, I hope tomorrow when I wake up, my bod’s not singing the blues . . .