Day 34: Greenwood to Eupora

Since last night I’ve swigged four or five doses of this stuff:


. . . and was?instructed?to chug this stuff:


. . . and the net result is I felt fine enough to churn 60 miles to Eupora with a stiff headwind and lots of rolling hills.

20151011_094132 20151011_085233

The rolling hills included this little monster:


It was a half mile long and varied between an 8% and 9% grade. ?Sure got my heart and lungs fired up.

I’ve got a nagging little cough and for awhile my throat was a tad sore, but the aches and feverish chills went away. ?Maybe this guy in my brain:


cracked the whip and said to my body, “We don’t have time to get sick. ?Get your shit together and quitcher whinin’!”

Things I Saw

There’s a comedian named Emo Philips. ?He said once, “I was thinking that my brain is by far the smartest, most intelligent, and most useful organ I’ve got. ?Then I thought, ‘Well, look who’s telling me that!'”

I thought of that today when my brain tried to make sense of what this sign said:


I’m thinking . . . “Maintenance Hooters”? ?Let me just pull over and apply for the job!


Oh, wait. ?As I got closer to the sign and could see those lettets were D and Q and not a double O.


It was cold this morning. ?47 degrees. ?I broke out the Old Geezer Socks:


They make a starring appearance in crossing the 2000 mile mark this morning.


Man, I’ve got more chins than a Chinese phone book, don’t I? ?Gawd.

Along with the 47 degree temperature the trees are starting to turn:



This was a “blast from the past”:


Big Star was where my family shopped in Millington all those years we lived there. ?I thought the chain went out of business years ago. ?Was a little nostalgic shopping in there for my?mandated?OJ:


I spotted this girl from about a half mile back on US 82:


She is the first person I’ve seen exercising (running or biking) since the far west side of Texas. ?I rode up beside her — scaring the beejeezus out of the poor thing — and asked her if she was running for exercise or, it being Mississippi, running from the law.

She said she out enjoying the beautiful morning. ?I told her that she was the first jogger I’ve seen in four states. ?Since Texas.

She said, “Well, I’m from Texas. ?I didn’t?run?from there, though . . . ”


I took my Go Pro clone off the handlebars this morning and replaced it with a little attachment I’d bought for $9 from Amazon before I left. ?It’s designed to hold my phone on the handlebars:


As I was riding this morning, I glanced down at the speedometer and noticed there were several times the speed was 0.0 MPH. ?What the fuck?

Turns out the phone was emitting just enough of a electromagnetic field that it was affecting the speedometer. ?When I first attached that huge speaker (the one that died in Williams, AZ), I had the same problem. ?The electromagnetic field it emitted interfered with the speedometer. ?I put the phone somewhere else, a few inches away, and all was well again.

This was interesting to look at:

20151011_100545 20151011_100538 20151011_100559

A sawmill of some sort?

The last few days I’ve ridden, I’ve stopped at a convenience store before I get to the hotel. ?I buy a 2 liter jug of either diet Pepsi (which no one down South seems to carry) or Coke. ?Then when I get to the hotel, I make a beeline for the ice machine. ?I kept a large cup I had from Subway. ?I fill that bad boy up with ice and then with Diet Coke. ?I’m finding that’s what I’m looking forward to each day. ?The end of the ride where I can chug diet soda.

The little cups in the hotel rooms are ridiculously small. ?You can’t get more than a couple of swallows out of those things before you have to fill ’em up again.



Headed to Columbus . . .?Mississippi tomorrow morning. ?If all goes according to plan, that’ll be my last stop in Mississippi. ?Then it’s just crossing Alabama and Georgia to get to the finish line in South Carolina.

Getting close!