Day 35: Eupora to Reform

I thought it would be?poetic?to ride into Columbus on Columbus Day.


I skipped breakfast this morning. ?Figuring I’d find it somewhere along the way.

I didn’t.

Actually, there were quite a few places to eat in Starkville. ?Starkville was about 30 miles into the trip today. ? All the restaurants were well off the highway. ?I wasn’t going to add four to six miles to the trip today just to go to Burger King. ?I’ve got enough “stored energy” (read: ?fat) that I could probably pedal the rest of the way to Hilton Head without eating a thing.

Except, my body had other ideas. ?Around 40 miles I started to develop a pain in my lower right side. ?(Geez, teeth, flu, now pains — it’s starting to sound like a medical blog!) ?I’d never felt anything like that kind of pain before. ?I thought that it might be my appendix, but I also thought the appendix was on the left side. ?(I have since been corrected — thanks Doc B!)

Let’s just cut to the fix on this: ?it was?hunger pains. ?Honest to God. ?I stopped in Columbus at the very first place that would feed me. ?”Gimme food,” is not quite what I said, but it was close. ?I shoved the first thing in my mouth that looked edible. ?Within 10 to 15 minutes of shoving more edible things in my mouth (and hopefully not anything inedible) the pain was gone.

Speaking of carrying around all that stored fat, I’ve got another slight problem. ?These pants were quite snug when I left Columbus (Ohio) at the end of August:


They’re the only “civilian” pants (read: ?non-riding pants) I’m carrying with me. ?I don’t have a belt. ?If I’m carrying stuff in my pockets (phone, wallet, anything that adds weight), I daren’t have my hands full. ?Those jeans will be on the ground.

After I got done gorging myself in Columbus (Mississippi) it was only 12:30. ?Now?what am I going to do? ?It’s a beautiful day. ?I’m on a friggin’?bicycle tour so I should be, y’know,?bicycling.

I decided to head on to the next little town in Alabama: ?Reform. ?From the Wikipedia article, “According to local tradition, the community was so named after a preacher refused to return until the townspeople reformed their ways.”

Tomorrow’s stop was supposed to be in Tuscaloosa. ?The day after that, Brent, Alabama. ?But I’m only 65 miles away from Brent. ?I can make it there — to Brent — and save a day’s lodging.

Honestly, there just wasn’t anything to see today. ?The rolling hills are back, but they’re going to only get worse. ?(It’s looking like riding across Georgia is going to be every bit as bad as getting out of California was.)

Got a little mini-lift from seeing the word “Tennessee”. ?I know this waterway well:

20151012_114554 20151012_114826

My youngest sent me the nicest compliment:


Me neither, Spud!