Prattville, AL

October 1957. ?My mom and dad on their wedding day. **

FAMILY 220Ray & Melba Owens (Wedding Day 10-5-57)

Nine months and five days after that happy little event, someone whose company I’ve usually?enjoyed . . .


. . . was born here:


Yesterday’s post I ended with:

Tomorrow: ?back to the?literal beginning.

There you have it. ?The place on earth where I?began.

I was trying to think of some tie-in with my trip through here. ?But I drew a blank. ?My birthday is in July . . . and I’m coming through Prattville in October . . .

Wait a minute.

It’s within the realm of possibility and certainly within?probability?that 58 years ago?this very day — the day?The Ride?takes me to?Prattville! — I was conceived! ?It’s?possible, yes?

Let’s go with that!

My mom told me a story years ago about the day I was born. ?There were 13 of us (sounds ominous right off the bat, doesn’t it?). ?I was the only boy.

A man came into hospital and offered my folks $3000 for me. ?His?daughter could not have a child and she wanted a boy. ?I was the only one.

3000 1958 dollars is a tad less than 25,000 2015 dollars (with that inflation adjustment thang.) ?I often wonder two things about this story: ?(1) how would my life had been different if I’d been “sold”? ?(2) What if my mom hadn’t told me the truth? ?What if she was really the?”daughter” and it was her “father” who bought me from my “real” parents!


I’m calling bullshit.

One other thing I’ve thought of from time to time. ?It would be interesting to talk to those other twelve women who were born?on the same day, in the same place. ?If there’s any truth to astrology –which there ain’t — we’d all have damned similar personalities, wouldn’t we?


Yep. Still bullshit.

** I thought about this after I wrote this post. ?Can you imagine going back in time to 1957 and explaining to the people in those pictures how you’re going to display those same pictures . . . in the year 2015? ?Just think about the explanation and how it would sound to 1957 ears:

“I’m going to scan / digitize the photos, then FTP them to my website / blog. ?Then folks around the world can connect to view them — most likely over WiFi on their mobile devices — and tweet ’em to their followers, like ’em on Facebook, or pin ’em on Pinterest.”


Bullshit. Bullshit. Bullshit. Yeah. Bullshit.