Day 41: Montezuma to Eastman

The whole day summed up in two words:

Goddamned wind.

Yesterday was bad. ?Today was worse. ?8 hours to go 56 miles. ?Well over 2 hours of “non-riding” time just to take a break from fighting the wind.

Got a late start, 10:15AM. ?I didn’t sleep well / long. ?The cold that I caught eight days ago seems to have finally given up on making me cough to death, but I’ve got some aches still. ?Some of those aches I attribute to fighting the wind yesterday.

It was another damned chilly morning. ?I never took the socks off. ?Rode the entire way with those bad boys on my feet. ?Don’t care. ?The toes stayed warm and toasty. ?I don’t believe the temperature topped 65 degrees at any point.

Today was also worse in terms of “interesting things to see.” ?I sent out this picture:


30 miles into the trip. ?Up until that point, I had nothing. ?No signs saying, “Welcome to Bugtussle,” no water towers. ?Nothing. ?It was a pretty day to ride, but the relentless wind made the trip frustrating and difficult. ?I wonder if this is normal wind behavior for here. ?If so, how does anyone get anything done?

Saw a familiar “face”:


I-75 runs through Cincinnati and Dayton. ?Been driving on 75 since . . . gawd, 1977. ?Uncle Sam stationed me outside of Detroit in 1977. ?I spent years coming out of Detroit headed home to Memphis on that road. ?It’s been under construction ever since I first got on it 38 years ago. ?Probably was under construction the preceding 38 years and will be for at least much longer in the future.

Found an Interstate I’d never heard of before:


That’s because it’s not really an Interstate. ?It never leaves Georgia. ?I’m guessing this is a “good old boys'” deal to get the federal government to pay for a local road. ?It’s like George Carlin’s, “Why does Hawaii have Interstates?”?

I used this picture yesterday in the post I wrote about Shannon. ?I deleted everything I’d written which meant there was no good place for the picture to go. ?Except since I didn’t see anything today, what the hell. ?Might as well put it here for all the people who like, ummm, looking at?weather.


Did see this pair of signs:


Yes, that’s why John and Mary separated. ?John insisted spelling it with a “Z” while Mary wanted the soft “S” . . .

And this sign has me asking questions:


Is it the orphans themselves in the cemetery or the parents of the orphans? ?Either way it’s kinda sad, ain’t it?

About 170 miles to Hilton Head.