Yesterday I had a post about a lady I’d met outside of Montezuma, GA named Shannon.


I deleted the post not long after I put it out there. ?After re-reading it a couple of times, it just sounded so “self-serving” . . . well, I just didn’t like it.

Let me give you a Reader’s Digest Version of what I wrote and an update on what I did.

In the left of the picture you can see Shannon’s house was badly damaged by a falling tree. ?She could not get her power back on because the power company demanded she have a complete electrical system check done by a licensed electrician. ?She could not afford to hire an electrician.

She was not upset or bitter with her lot in life. ?In fact, she actually said she was blessed as she and her dogs escaped the tree falling without injury. ?She seemed very content.

I felt moved to give her a hand. ?My oldest — thanks, Peanut! — gave me a good idea on how to do so without embarrassing Shannon or causing her to forego her pride in any way.

Instead of me drinking more beer with your “Beer Me” donations, I forwarded those on to Shannon. ?She could use the help more than I could use a few more Bud Lights. ?Thank y’all?for helping?her?out.