Day 43: Mt. Vernon to Claxton

Just the other day I was bitching there wasn’t anything to show off in the blog. ?Today, though, I bet I took more pictures than any day except for my visits to the Grand Canyon and Columbus, GA.


This is not Columbus Georgia.

I turned out the lights last night around midnight. ?At 4AM I woke up for who knows what dumbass reason. ?I couldn’t go back to sleep. ?As I lay there I got to thinking about where I was going to be riding later. ?My destination was Claxton, about 45-50 miles away.

But Savannah was only another 50ish or so miles from there. ?You know, if I left at sunrise, I?might?be able to pull that off . . .

My body had other ideas. ?”We don’t think so, Fat Boy,” they must have all said as they chloroformed my brain. ?I nodded back off to sleep. ?When I woke up, I was surprised to see it was 10:15AM –?way?after sunrise. ?And without any chance of making it to Savannah before sunset.

While I’ve left on a day’s ride later than 10:45 on occasion, this is the first time I can remember sleeping past my own “internal” wake-up clock.

One thing I was looking forward to was visiting a place I’d never heard of until less than 48 hours ago. ?I caught it by accident in looking over the maps. ?A little bitty town called “Santa Claus, GA.” ?It only cost me 6 extra miles to go check it out:

20151021_131159 20151021_130516 20151021_130553 20151021_130832

20151021_131448 20151021_131412 20151021_130927 20151021_130912

20151021_131310 20151021_131339 20151021_131058

20151021_130509 20151021_131534 20151021_131641 20151021_131831 20151021_132115

There were some folks taking pictures. ?When I first pulled up, I thought it was a bride. ?Nope. ?It was a birthday girl:

20151021_131014 20151021_130739

I didn’t get her name, but this pictures were part of her?Quincea?era?celebration. ?I got educated on that (‘cuz I asked.)

It was worth the six miles biking here!

Just in case you were wondering:

20151021_112353 20151021_124015

I’m betting this is my fourth or fifth Georgia prison I’ve seen since entering the state.


Just yesterday I saw this sign:


Hell, they’re even marking them on the roads.


Must be a growth industry here. ?(If you clicked that link I put above to Santa Claus, you’d see what I mean.)

In coming into Lyons, GA was this sign. ?Do they still have soap box derbies? (Derbys?)


This big guy put up one hell of an effort to catch me today. ?He lost the race. ?I lost my hat. ?When I went back to fetch Festus 3 — Festus 1 and Festus 2 flew off my head days ago — the dawg was over peeing on a tree. ?As if to say, “Piss on it. ?Didn’t want to catch him anyway.”


And this little fella might be the only guy on the road slower than me:

20151021_135316 20151021_135306

Almost saw a different dog get hit in the road today. ?Wasn’t a thing I could do about it except watch in horror.

Saw a guy leave his house in a pickup truck. ?A young dog bolted from the yard and started chasing after the truck, right down the middle of the road. ?He kept that up for a little bit, then trotted over to the other side of the road, keeping an eye on his master in the truck.

He turned around and started back towards his house, and just as I knew he would — but I was too far away to warn him off — he started out across the road, right directly in the path of a log truck. ?I could also hear cars coming up behind me.

How that logger braked without losing his load was a testament to his skill as a driver, but somehow he did. ?The dog shot out from in front of the truck and then directly in front of one of the cars coming up behind me. ?He managed to get all the way across the road — stupid dog! — without getting hit, but, he gave at least two drivers and one bicyclist a heart attack in the process.

We always wondered about Chet. ?He spent a?lot?of time up in the attic. ?He always said he was just “trying on things,” and “playing with toys.” ?Hmm.


Early Hearse.


Reminded me of this from my trip to the top of Michigan last year:


Can’t tell you how many times during?The Ride?I’ve said the name of that river in trying to find a place to do that very thing.


This was the second State Farm billboard I’d seen with just a?smokin’ hottie?on it. ?I’m going to have to switch over to State Farm. ?That lizard I’ve got manning my insurance now doesn’t look anything like her! ?(I’d be over borrowing a cup o’sugar every day if she was my “Good Neighbor!”)


Are they teaching how to do it or how to avoid it?


I’d have stayed here just for the purple color scheme alone.


Well, you know, Halloween?is?kind of Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego’s holiday. ?Kinda sorta. ?Would have made a whole different kind of issue of?Brave and The Bold?for Bats to be teemed up with with Raggedy Ann and Andy.


Wonder if Paul Harvey, from heaven, is still keeping an eye on Jesup, GA to see if anything’s happened there recently?


This made me laugh out loud:


Sure enough, to my left:


Random Fat Guy On A Bicycle Sightings:

IMG_20151021_145204 IMG_20151021_145224

Fuck, that would hurt if I fell down there.IMG_20151021_145216

Damn. ?I’m getting down to it. ?Tomorrow I ride to Savannah from Claxton. ?Then on Friday . . . Hilton Head. ?The finish line.