Day 44: Claxton to Garden City

Well, friends and neighbors,the penultimate leg of The Ride?was . . . not that eventful. ?I gave the state of Georgia every chance to whip me.

But Georgia decided if a dozen other states couldn’t do it, there was no shame in letting me pass.

GA tried to appease me in the end. ?”Oh, look, sure, yeah, we’re all about bicycles!” ?Uh huh.

Random Thangs

Log trucks have been my constant companion since I crossed into Louisiana. ?But they were like UFOs. ?I never had a camera in my hand when one was around.

This afternoon as I was snapping a picture of the OWENS sign, ?I was waiting for traffic to clear out so I could get a unobstructed shot. ?What should come roaring by, but a log truck! ?Finally! ?While I was holding my camera! ?I snapped a picture as fast as I could as it trucked on down the road.


Not a half mile further, there was a log trucked parked! ?That’s the first parked one I’ve seen.


I only wanted a picture for a couple of reasons. ?The first was so I could bitch about ’em. ?They’re the only?class?of vehicles / drivers who really do think they own the road. ?I’ve been honked at more by log trucks than?everyone else combined?on this trip.

The second reason was as I was going past the exit for Yazoo City Mississippi, I got to thinking about Jerry Clower. ?One of his bits had to do with his childhood friend Clovis Ledbetter wanting to be a log truck.

21st century chain gang:

20151022_111007 20151022_111129

Psssst, no one tell James Cameron, but I think this guy buried the Titanic in his front yard.


Saw this sign on the entrance to I-95.


If I lived here, I’d have to come back and vandalize this sign so it quoted Bruce Willis from “The Sixth Sense”: ?”Keep moving, cheesedick.”



‘Twas a warm ‘un. ?Not bad for late October. ?(But then again, I’m way down south, so I don’t know what the normal temps are for this time of year.)


I literally was having the thought, “No fast food for lunch!” when I saw a Krystal! ?Well, I?gotta?do that!

The folks inside were just as tickled as could be that I pedaled all the way from Los Angeles just to eat a Krystal Burger in Savannah, GA.

2015-10-22 13.13.10 20151022_130704 2015-10-22 13.14.55

I’m 43 miles away from the finish line.

Now that I’m 98.38% of the way there, I’m thinking I might?just be able to pull this off.