It’s the last night. ?I’m less than 50 miles from completing a goal I set for myself nearly four decades ago.

As much as I’ve bitched over the last seven weeks about wind and hills and mountains and whether or not I’ll be able to do this, I’m still in awe of how?blessed?I’ve been to be given this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. ?I’m incredibly lucky to have had?all the parts in place?to do this — financial, health, and support of wonderful people who helped make this dream become reality.

Not in any particular order but I owe a tremendous thanks to all the staff at In The Bag Massage. ?The entire staff — massage therapists, admin personnel, and most of all my business partner April — are all there busting their humps every day so I can sit on a bicycle to see things like this:

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My siblings told me in no uncertain ways that I?could do this!? In particular, my sister Tammy told a variation that message every single day!


My daughters, both Peanut and Spud, checked in with me constantly to make sure I was ok, to make sure things were running as smooth as they could be, commiserated over the bad days and helped celebrate the good days. ?They helped make this a “sight seeing” trip for the ages:


20150905_170420 20150831_061933 20150901_120135 20150829_194646

20150903_154700 IMG_20150924_132734 20151021_130516

Scores of friends from all over world chimed in with daily comments, phone calls, texts, donations, attaboys, “Way To Go!”s, and when appropriate, “Holy Shit!”s. ?Those comments kept me going and helped me meet a slew of new friends and check in with some old ones

2015-10-22 13.13.10 20151021_130739 20151018_162837


20150903_172042 20151006_103059 20150911_104145 20150909_144628 20150905_172917 20150927_183018 20151005_144057 20150923_142337


It’s true, I was the one turning the pedals and riding the miles, but y’all were all along with me for every bit of it. ?Y’all are the ones who made it?possible.

There’s one last leg to do tomorrow. ?Then I’ll get to see if I’ve been forgotten . . .

20150707_202700 dipshit

Thank every one of y’all for being along for the ride.