+ 2 Weeks

Today marks two weeks since I got back home. ?I?did?get back on the bike last weekend for a 50 mile ride. ?Strange how?normal?that felt!

In the interim, I swear, all I’ve done since I’ve returned is eat and sleep!


I have a pretty good internal time clock, but it’s been worthless. Throw in the end of daylight savings time and my system is completely screwed.

On top of the $300 worth of groceries I bought just last week, I went out yesterday and picked up another $100 worth of stuff. That might get me through to Tuesday. Even the dogs are looking at me funny as if they’re afraid I might put some hot sauce on them and chow down.


Had one of Spud’s friends house-sitting for me while I was gone. He’s just a kid. Early 20s. So, typical for a 20s something guy, the microwave and stove needed a LOT of cleaning. Kitchen things were stashed in odd places. (Well, ok, odd for me. Probably made all kinds of sense for him to stick ’em there.)

Noticed half of my drinking glasses and three quarters of my laundry baskets were missing. Asked him about it. He said when he was moving out he’d stashed some of his stuff in the laundry baskets and had meant to get them back to me before I arrived. I told him to keep ’em with my compliments. He then said he was a complete klutz and managed to break all of those glasses. Geez. Good thing I wasn’t gone for a year or something. ?All in all, it cost me less than $20 to restock laundry baskets and drinking glasses. ?I can live with that.

The house was in pretty good shape. There’s an odd “bald spot” in the back yard.


Almost like a crop circle or something. Patrick — the kid — had no explanation. (Hell, I doubt he even noticed.) I saw the same condition in the neighbor’s yard, so, maybe it’s gophers the size of a tanker truck or something.

Work has been about to drive me nuts. On more than one occasion I texted April and told her I was getting back on my bike, riding back to Hawaii, and never fucking coming back. Gawd.


I’m big on “commemorating” my long rides. On my living room walls I have some pictures representing past bicycle rides across Iowa, down to TN, to the top of Michigan, to Chicago, etc.

20151108_092044 20151108_092125

For The Ride?I took over 2200 photos. I wondered which one(s) I’d use to best represent that trip. ?After thinking about it, I decided to?display them all.

I bought a 27 inch monitor, mounted it to the wall, uploaded all the pictures to Google Photos (Picasa), then used a Chromecast I had lying around to make the most kick-ass digital picture frame you’ve ever seen.


I found a pretty cool website called Pixel Hobby. Years ago I created an mosaic for a friend of mine using Legos.


I wanted to do another image but never could find the right medium to pull it off. Pixel Hobby was just what I was looking for. I’m going to “pixelate” this picture . . .


and hang it . . . well, somewhere in the house. (I’m running out of wall space for my “I Love Me” art!)

Some day I’d like to be able to “pixelate” a project but use wood as the pixels. I think that’d look gorgeous.

Out of the 2200+ pix I selected about 400 pictures to create a photobook from — of all places! — Walgreen’s website. Man, did it ever turn out nice!

20151108_091603 20151107_192823

About 52 pages of pictures, printed on very heavy stock paper, with a black background. The pictures look spectacular! ?$86 and delivered to my door in four days.

Finally, I asked Spud’s significant other, Craig, to frame the CA 2 SC . COM banner that rode on the back of the panniers the entire way. I wanted him to include all the mileage signs I’d made up for the 1000th, 1500th, 2000th, and 2500th miles in the framing, too.

20150728_074619 IMG_20151020_123303

Yeah, full blown narcissism!

This weekend’s doing its best to say, “Hey, Winter is on its way.” Looks like I timed the ride about as perfect as can be. Mild temperatures (yeah, even Laughlin, NV was down from 125 to 103) and blue skies the whole way. Had I nudged the ride even a couple of weeks I’d have been fighting some damned cold temps on the east side of the country.

All right, off to get something to eat before I have to go to sleep again . . .

Update. ?11/11/2015

Ok, look. ?Size matters.

27 inches wasn’t cutting it. ?Let’s go for 40.


Not even a week after I’d purchased the 27 inch monitor, Best Buy was having a sale on 40″ televisions. ?$20 less than what I’d paid for the 27 inch monitor. ?A little running around town exchanging stuff, more mounting on the walls, and we have an even?more?kick-ass digital picture frame than before.

The pixel thing I got in the mail today. ?I’m going to have to invest in one of those magnifying glass with a light things.


The pixels are, shall we say, a?wee bit,?umm, “wee-er” than I expected. ?Here’s a white pixel next to a regular 1×1 Lego block:


And just in case your most recent experience with Legos are stepping on the ones your kids / grandkids left on the floor, here they are in comparison to my thumb:


The “plate” that has them attached:


next to the plate you attach them to:


Here are the different colors needed to do this project:



After four hours of picking up really tiny pixels and putting them on a really tiny plate:


. . . and there are 11 more plates after this one. ?A total of 24,000 pixels. ?2000 pixels per plate.

This project’s gonna take a little while to do . . .