Beer Me?

My youngest was telling me, “Dad, everyone I tell about your ride says: ‘(1) you’re crazy and (2) that’s the Coolest Thing Ever!’ ?You ever think of asking people for donations?”

“Uhhh, no.”

“Well, you should. ?Just so people can say to you, ‘What you’re doing is way cool. ?Let me buy you a beer, man!'”

All right, then. ?Here’s a button for that very thing:

(Updated 10/23/2015 upon?The Ride’s?completion to remove the “Buy Me A Beer” button. ?There’s no need to buy me any more beers. ?The Ride?is over! ?Thank you!)

Let me?strongly emphasize?I’m not looking for a cent from anyone. ?These Terrific People are buying me lots of beer, lodging, and are considering paying for my obviously necessary psychiatric care. If you’re getting a kick out of reading my blog, that’s great. ?In lieu of a beer, I’d be just as tickled if you signed my Guestbook.

I didn’t set a minimum amount to spend on a beer. ?I just left the minimum at 0.00. ?No idea what PayPal will allow through as a minimum. ?Basically, I’m saying, if you send a penny, I don’t know if that’d be allowed. ?Once again, I’m not looking for?any?money.

But if you feel strongly enough that you want to provide some?liquid propulsion, well, it’d be impolite to turn it down.

Play I Like Beer

Play Titties and Beer

Thanks for the beer, Paul!


This one’s for you, Shelley!


Thank you very much, Malcolm!


Thanks for the brew, Perry!


I appreciate the cold one, Dan!


Was a terrific end to an 80 mile day, Judy!


Was a tasty one, Jim and Shell!


Thanks, Kathy! ?It went down well!


Love you, Spud! ?Thanks for the beer!


I appreciate it, Ben!


Mary, Brian, Anthony, Michelle and Jim, thanks for giving Shannon a hand!