NAQ — Never Asked Questions

Are you insane?

Quite possibly. ?Who in their right mind would ride nearly 3000 miles on a bicycle and think it’s?fun?

Are you doing it for some?cause?

Yeah. ?’Cuz I’m insane. ?(See the question above.)

On a ride to the top of Michigan in 2014, this guy . . .


. . . asked about my bicycling 500 miles, “You trying to forget a woman?” ?Guess he’d think 3000 miles would be trying to forget?all?women.

Who’s going with you? ?What kind of backup system do you have in place?

No one’s going with me. ?Well, I guess that intrepid trio, Me, Myself, and I. ?I suppose I’m going to have to stuff two of those guys in the panniers.

You ever done something like this before?

Over the last eight years?I’ve ridden many long distance / multi-day rides before on my own. ?A four day trip from Columbus to Chicago. ?Another four day trip to Knoxville. ?Lake Erie. ?Mackinaw City, Michigan. ?Richmond, Indiana. ?Two seven-day trips across Iowa with RAGBRAI. ?Always by myself. ?Never with any support crew along.

I’ve never had a trip that lasted longer than seven days, though. ?Nor have I ever ridden through a mountain range like the Rockies. ?Nor have I never ridden through a desert like the Mojave. ?Nor have I ever ridden on the Interstate highways. ?On this trip, I’ll have to (get to?) do all of those things.

Aren’t you kind of old / fat to be doing this?



And mean. ?You forgot “mean.”

Can you do this? ?Physically, I mean.

I have no idea. ?Uncharted territory and all that.

This trip expensive?


And, uhh, relatively no.

More than a trip across town. ?Less than a trip around the world.

Most of the expense has been buying the bicycle and the associated equipment to outfit it for a cross-country ride. ?It’ll be the last bicycle I ever buy. ?I fully expect my kids to wind up with it when I’m gone. ?(Just hoping that day will be a few years off and not because some pit bull eats me outside of Albuquerque.)

Beyond the cost of the bicycle itself is the cost of food and lodging. ?It’s going to take nearly two months of riding to accomplish. ?Camping doesn’t appeal to me. ?Thus motel expenses. ?Gotta eat. ?(Though I’m toting enough “love handle material” to keep me alive for a couple of weeks, I’m betting.) ?I’m exploring every?cost cutting option I can to keep the expenses to a bare minimum.

It will be?the experience of a lifetime . . . that will cost a bucket or two of dollars.